Monday, March 26, 2012

Staying in the UAE does Indianized people.

So I was talking to an Indian guy on the other line. When I was giving him some mobile number of some person here in the office. He asked me "Are you from India?"
Me: No.
Him: Then?
Me: Then what?
Him: I'm asking only because you have same pronunciation like Indians!?
Me: I'm from the PHILIPPINES!!!

Actually, I'm just like a chameleon. I can change my accent to match my surroundings. :p

And just like Fadiah said "Staying in the UAE does Indianized people while in Jeddah it Filipinized them." LMAO

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Facebook Behavior

Facebookers' behavior never fails to amaze me. 

Yesterday, I put "Pregnant and getting married..." as my status on Facebook and I got 25 likes, around 30 comments and few private messages :D

If you've noticed I didn't say I'm the one pregnant. But people will always assume, whatsoever. Human nature. It only proves one thing, write anything controversial on your status and people will feast on you like ants on sweet food.

Now, excuse me, it's time to change my status update to: Abortion and getting divorced.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Joseph Kony is one of the world’s worst war criminals and I support the international effort to arrest him, disarm the "Lord's Resistance Army (LRA)", and bring the child soldiers home.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Respectful Clothing and the Queens of the World (or so they think)

When you're on board the Dubai Metro, you will notice the digital signages (LCD screens) flashing "Please wear respectful clothing".. And same messages you'll find in every shopping mall here.

For those who don't know what "respectful clothing" in Dubai (or in the UAE and I believe the same goes in other Gulf countries) is, I think it is safe to say that it means your shoulders and knees should be COVERED wherever you are (well, except on the beach/pool) and whatever the weather is.

These are respectful clothings – NOT!
(Note: Images are taken from random Dubai blogs/sites.)

Have you noticed that a lot of women here conveniently "violating" it? Most of the time these signages are overlooked. Are some people just totally clueless or really insensitive and have the habit of disrepecting other cultural values?

Some expats and most tourists have the I-dont-give-a-fuck-attitude. They will wear whatever the hell they want to wear. It's hard to generalize but I've noticed that mostly British, Russian, South American, Spanish etc. women in Dubai always wear something that will make them look "attractive" to anyone's eyes -- be it men or women. Low-cut or the peek-a-boo outfits, shorts and skirts that are way too short plus anything transparent and being braless or almost close to nothing.
Is it because they enjoy getting attention from everyone especially men?

I'm a daily Metro commuter and I'm seeing those kind of women on a regular basis. You know those women (yes women not teenage girls) in short skirts sitting irresponsibly on Metro and purposely opening their legs allowing the men sitting opposite them to see their underwear and then giggling! S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y!!!

It's not about being close-minded but I can't think of any reason why someone should wear inappropriately and misbehave like that. Being in a different place with the exact opposite of your cultural norms, it is always better to be on one's best behavior, right? Besides, where in the world you see that the host country is the one adjusting for the guest from another country? You tell me.

And for those who can't understand the "as dictated by UAE/Arabs culture.." and saying "Dubai is a tourist destination they should accept different kinds of people" - duh! Nobody's pointing a gun at you and force you to live or visit here. If you can't stand the LOCAL values and law, then LEAVE!

Who do you really think you are — the queens of the world?