Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wild Animal in Car is Trending in the Emirates

Today on Facebook.. 
"Keeping of wild animals in a residential area is illegal in the U.A.E yet banned household pets and exotic animals are still prowling UAE’s e-commerce websites and in some cases, the streets." -365 Things To Do In Dubai Facebook page

Few week backs on Facebook..
"Only and only in Dubai." - Facebook user.

So who wants to join the bandwagon and what's next - an anaconda? a bear? or a crocodile?


Updates: They did it again last 16th Dec 2012...
"The exotic cat peering out of the back window of a vehicle in Jumeirah on Friday." - Khaleej Times 

And another update:

 "Guess asking your dad for A pony is too old school..." - Virgin Radio Dubai, 30 December 2012