Monday, February 20, 2012

On Having A Foreign Partner

There's a big difference of being an Arab having a non-Arab partner and being a Filipino having a non-Filipino partner.

You see, if an Arab is having a relationship or married to a foreigner, most of the time the Arab family (and the society itself) disapproves the foreign partner.

While in my country, if a Filipino have a foreign partner. There will always have a special interest in him/her in the Philippines because of his or her relation to the Filipino.

You marry a Filipino and they like you in the Philippines. It's 100% true.

With regards to the offspring. In the Philippines being "half" means having an extra edge on the "market" because they always standout in the looks department. While Arabs having a mixed blood with "lower-class nationality" is never and will never be an advantage to them. They get bullied. Arab kids with Asian mothers are called "children of housemaids" while Arab kids with Russian mothers (and the likes) are called "children of prostitutes" and so on. While they can never go wrong having Western (white) wives. Read more on Alice Blog here.

How about in your country, what do your people think about having a foreign partner? Do they outcast them or accept them?