Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The "Liberated" Arab Guy

I don't know how you define "liberated" but one thing I'm sure it relates to "broadmindedness" and is the exact opposite of "conservative".

So it's kind of 'disturbing' to me when someone says, my Arab guy is a liberated person. I don't know, LOL, but for me when you say Arab the next adjective word comes to my mind is conservative. Stereotyping, I know. But it would be more acceptable if someone says "a liberated Arab woman". Because Arab women are 'more rebellious' than the men. It's just my opinion, I don't know what's yours. Hmm.. or probably because the book I am reading is influencing me.. must be..

Well, anyway, back to "He-is-a-liberated-kind-of-an-Arab-guy."

I have a friend (whom I'm seriously contemplating to unfriend her because of such and such, LOL, just kidding) who is dating an Emirati guy (sort of). Everytime she says "He is blah-blah-blah because he is liberated." it annoys me and makes my eyes roll in full 360 degrees. Why? The thing is, apparently, she doesn't know what she is saying and she's so proud of him because he is "liberated" —duh!(LOL), e.g....
1. "He doesn't wear khandoura because he is liberated."
2. "He studied (college) in UK that's why he is liberated."
3. "When I told him I'm separated (with a daughter, etc etc). He just said OKAY because he is liberated."
Oh please somebody kill me now!

I mean, really, the list of her foolishness naiveness about him being "liberated" could go on and on but I don't want my readers to leave my blog, LOL.

Urban Dictionary defined liberated as "to free spirited. a NEGATIVE term. Not used in a good way. When someone describes you like this it is in a bad way, meaning you can think what you want and do what you want."

So what is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says, "He's a liberated Arab guy."? Do you raise one eyebrow or roll your eyes? LOL. When do you say a person is liberated or has liberated mind -- is it the way he/she dresses, thinks, acts, etc.?