Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Birthday Noodle Story

If you're not reading my blog (please do read LOL), the birthday noodle is my self-made tradition to have noodles every birthday of Mr. Extraordinaire, regardless of his whereabouts and hopefully, I`ll keep on doing that wherever I may be.

In my country, it is believed (handed down by Chinese) that long noodles should be eaten on one's birthday because noodles signify long life..

definitely NOT Mr. Extraordinaire
So yesterday the birthday guy was a bit grumpy coz of toothache so I told him not to be sarcastic otherwise I will eat the shortest noodles next year (it is also believed that noodles shouldn't be cut nor shortened because if done so it would bring bad luck and will shorten one's life), LOL. So he said, he will put my noodles in a grinder and then turn it into dust. Haha. So revengeful and mean! 

And yeah, we're overly romantic like that. LOL.