Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wild Animal in Car is Trending in the Emirates

Today on Facebook.. 
"Keeping of wild animals in a residential area is illegal in the U.A.E yet banned household pets and exotic animals are still prowling UAE’s e-commerce websites and in some cases, the streets." -365 Things To Do In Dubai Facebook page

Few week backs on Facebook..
"Only and only in Dubai." - Facebook user.

So who wants to join the bandwagon and what's next - an anaconda? a bear? or a crocodile?


Updates: They did it again last 16th Dec 2012...
"The exotic cat peering out of the back window of a vehicle in Jumeirah on Friday." - Khaleej Times 

And another update:

 "Guess asking your dad for A pony is too old school..." - Virgin Radio Dubai, 30 December 2012

The "Liberated" Arab Guy

I don't know how you define "liberated" but one thing I'm sure it relates to "broadmindedness" and is the exact opposite of "conservative".

So it's kind of 'disturbing' to me when someone says, my Arab guy is a liberated person. I don't know, LOL, but for me when you say Arab the next adjective word comes to my mind is conservative. Stereotyping, I know. But it would be more acceptable if someone says "a liberated Arab woman". Because Arab women are 'more rebellious' than the men. It's just my opinion, I don't know what's yours. Hmm.. or probably because the book I am reading is influencing me.. must be..

Well, anyway, back to "He-is-a-liberated-kind-of-an-Arab-guy."

I have a friend (whom I'm seriously contemplating to unfriend her because of such and such, LOL, just kidding) who is dating an Emirati guy (sort of). Everytime she says "He is blah-blah-blah because he is liberated." it annoys me and makes my eyes roll in full 360 degrees. Why? The thing is, apparently, she doesn't know what she is saying and she's so proud of him because he is "liberated" —duh!(LOL), e.g....
1. "He doesn't wear khandoura because he is liberated."
2. "He studied (college) in UK that's why he is liberated."
3. "When I told him I'm separated (with a daughter, etc etc). He just said OKAY because he is liberated."
Oh please somebody kill me now!

I mean, really, the list of her foolishness naiveness about him being "liberated" could go on and on but I don't want my readers to leave my blog, LOL.

Urban Dictionary defined liberated as "to free spirited. a NEGATIVE term. Not used in a good way. When someone describes you like this it is in a bad way, meaning you can think what you want and do what you want."

So what is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says, "He's a liberated Arab guy."? Do you raise one eyebrow or roll your eyes? LOL. When do you say a person is liberated or has liberated mind -- is it the way he/she dresses, thinks, acts, etc.?

Monday, February 20, 2012

On Having A Foreign Partner

There's a big difference of being an Arab having a non-Arab partner and being a Filipino having a non-Filipino partner.

You see, if an Arab is having a relationship or married to a foreigner, most of the time the Arab family (and the society itself) disapproves the foreign partner.

While in my country, if a Filipino have a foreign partner. There will always have a special interest in him/her in the Philippines because of his or her relation to the Filipino.

You marry a Filipino and they like you in the Philippines. It's 100% true.

With regards to the offspring. In the Philippines being "half" means having an extra edge on the "market" because they always standout in the looks department. While Arabs having a mixed blood with "lower-class nationality" is never and will never be an advantage to them. They get bullied. Arab kids with Asian mothers are called "children of housemaids" while Arab kids with Russian mothers (and the likes) are called "children of prostitutes" and so on. While they can never go wrong having Western (white) wives. Read more on Alice Blog here.

How about in your country, what do your people think about having a foreign partner? Do they outcast them or accept them?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wild Ones

7DAYS shared this music video which features Dubai and getting "wild" in the Emirates. So, what do you think?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Something Arabic

I was BBM-ing my Thai friend few days/weeks back, when suddenly she sent me a pic asking me to guess where she was at that time. It was a pic of a cafe with some Arab magazine, the Maktoums on cover. So I was like, "you in Dubai?" She laughed. She said, "No I'm at my favorite Arabic coffee shop, drinking my favorite Arabic coffee." (!!!!) So I was like huh?! Arabic coffee - what was that? 

Honestly, it made me ponder big time and realized something... been in Dubai for 6 yrs or so but I've never been in Arabic coffee shop nor drink Arabic coffee while her in Thailand and never had set her foot in any Arab countries telling me she's drinking her favorite Arabic coffee is so embarrassing!!!

Oh and I've never been to any Arabic resto (unless Al Safeer is counted) neither in any Arab house.. How uncool is that?! 

Again I've realized that I have never had any Arab friends to hang out with in the Emirates.. the only people I'm hanging out with -all the time- are my fellow countrymen and other Orientals/Asians.

Is there anyone out there who shares the same feelings with me? Or have you been "Emiratified" or "Arabified" already? Tell me about it.. I wanna know.

P.S. Emiratified or Arabified is not about going to Burj Khalifa or belly dancing or sand-boarding in Dubai... because it is so touristy. It's about eating shawarma, drinking chai karak from hole-in-the-wall places and stuff like that.. something natives really do.

Monday, February 6, 2012

It struck me for a while...

I was upset last night after reading this thing on Facebook..
"doc, forget those long distance romance or games girls play with you on computer and go find some near where you are and start living outside your cardiology books...your heart is still beating strong and normal...enjoy that...it does not last forever..."
Her words are too strong.. so insensitive (she knows I exist) and very inappropriate (it was a reply to his comment on her status and her reply was waaay off-topic)..

I was upset for a while there but then I remember this..
The moment someone tells you you're not good enough is the moment you know you're better than them.

Dubai State of Mind

Found this song and find it funny, LOL. Empire State of Mind parody.. Listen!

Goodbye Canada, I must say you will be missed,
I trade my winter gloves for a pair of oven mitts,
Flip flops in December, damn I'm loving this,
And I can still go skiing at the Mall of the Emirates.
All jokes aside... Dubai's the best,
Just host a visitor and tell me if he's not impressed,
Built from the desert but, you woulda never guessed,
Best of the Middle East, sprinkled with some West.
Perfect place to travel from, but this is where my base is,
What a perfect blend of fifty different places,
All the diverse cultures, languages, and races,
Adds a real spice to life that everyone embraces.
From a desert with some shrubs to a world hub,
From not being on the map, to it's own rap.
Sheikh Mohamed raised his vision straight to the sky,
Make your arms do the same, let's hear it for:

Dubai, concrete desert where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do.
Now you're in Dubai, you've got to love the mentality, turn dreams to reality.
Let's hear it for Dubai, Dubai, Dubai.

I say hamdullah that things are back to goin' well,
The economy and buildings are both growin' well,
So bring the tourists on, we'll play some show-and-tell,
Let's add two to a five star hotel.
That's the Burj Al Arab, in case you didn't get it,
Just pick a record out, let's make a bet we set it.
And if it's set then we'll break it and we will maintain,
Look up at the Burj Khalifa, just make sure your neck don't sprain.
Wanna see some culture? You can see them all,
Wanna do some shopping? You should see the malls,
Shopping on a budget? You can hit Karama.
Wanna see Atlantis? You can skip Bahamas.
Lookin for some nightlife? Don't look too far,
Pre-game at Caramel, party at Boudoir.
Some say its artificial, more like official art,
You really can't deny, this city's got some heart.

Dubai, concrete desert where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do.
Now you're in Dubai, you've got to love the mentality, turn dreams to reality.
Let's hear it for Dubai, Dubai, Dubai.

Something charming bout the old Dubai like Bur Dubai and Deira,
But I still prefer the new Dubai like Downtown and Jumeirah,
And I love the other Emirates from Abu to Fujeirah,
But you really can't deny that the party's over here.
We could go to JBR and just chill and tan,
Or take a tour of some islands that were made by man,
Big events are every month so you don't have to make a plan,
Rugby 7's, Tennis Open, or the World Cup at Meydan,
And I'm barely scratching the surface,
This city's got way too much for just a couple of verses.
So if you need another reason to come and visit just ask me,
Or better yet just move here, it's tax free.
They come in winters when the weather is a dream to 'em,
Take off in summer when the city is a steam room.
The only two seasons are warm and hot,
It's no wonder that this city's such a melting pot.

Dubai, concrete desert where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do.
Now you're in Dubai, you've got to love the mentality, turn dreams to reality.
Let's hear it for Dubai, Dubai, Dubai.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dubai at it's best

This year's Dubai Shopping Festival will end today.. and here's a glance of what happened for the last one  month.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No, you aren't on Tumblr..

...you're on my Blogspot! Surprised? LOL.

When you're at work, bored and nothin else to do... you gonna end up creating something like this..
 While I'm busy looking at the whale making a huge splash...
I realized that there's a pearl slipping out of my hands.

Appreciate the gem you GOT
instead of staring at something FAT.

-created by moi-

It's not really, really, really originally a vomit of my brain, I patterned it from this quote:

"While I'm busy looking up to the balloon.... I realized that there's an ice cream melting on my hand."
LESSON: Give time to appreciate the things YOU GOT instead of staring at things YOU WANT.

The Birthday Noodle Story

If you're not reading my blog (please do read LOL), the birthday noodle is my self-made tradition to have noodles every birthday of Mr. Extraordinaire, regardless of his whereabouts and hopefully, I`ll keep on doing that wherever I may be.

In my country, it is believed (handed down by Chinese) that long noodles should be eaten on one's birthday because noodles signify long life..

definitely NOT Mr. Extraordinaire
So yesterday the birthday guy was a bit grumpy coz of toothache so I told him not to be sarcastic otherwise I will eat the shortest noodles next year (it is also believed that noodles shouldn't be cut nor shortened because if done so it would bring bad luck and will shorten one's life), LOL. So he said, he will put my noodles in a grinder and then turn it into dust. Haha. So revengeful and mean! 

And yeah, we're overly romantic like that. LOL.