Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Stolen Kiss in the Dark

Let me share you the story that Mr. Extraordinaire told me few minutes back - a joke he translated from Arabic to English...

There was a train passing in France with 4 passengers: a pretty young French girl, a flirty American guy, an old lady and a Saudi guy. When the train passed a tunnel with no lights; in the dark they heard a kiss and a slap.

Old lady was thinking.. "Lucky girl, got kissed by this guy why she had to slap him?"

American guy was thinking.. "Lucky Saudi, he got to kiss the girl and I got the slap!"

Young girl was thinking.. "Wow, I'm much younger than that old lady yet she get kissed! What a perv American, got what he deserved!"

Then the Saudi was saying to himself... "Hahaha. Got them fooled! I kissed my hand and slapped the American!"