Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Noise-makers of the Year goes to ...

There were sets of noise-makers in my neighborhood last NYE.

I love celebrations and parties even silly ones, LOL, but the noise-makers in my hood really ticked me off that night. Some people started doing those silly noises 11 pm flat!! Excited-much?! That gave me and the rest of the hood more than an hour ear-pain and headache.

I was home only, since I had to work next morning, watching the live coverage of NYE countdown, fireworks at Burj Khalifa but couldn't hear the TV so I was kinda hoping police will come and take them. LOL. That's the evil within me talking.

When I peeped out of the window to check what they were doing, I was surprised, the noisy people in the hood aren't Pinoys but Masris!

You can't blame me, being Filipino myself, I know how LOUD my countrymen can get. Ask the church people, the watchmen, the real estate agents, building owners, etc on how much noise complaints they are receiving against us, say every weekend, to have an idea what I meant by us being loud. LOL

Anyway, I never knew that Egyptians are way noisier have better sets of silly noisemakers and littering throwing confetti in the ground than us. LOL.

So how was your holidays and NYE everyone? Hope everyone had fun and is happier this year.