Thursday, January 12, 2012

He's The One - NOT!

Is your Arab guy really the ONE? Ladies in the house, this one's for you. ..

Here's something I read/learned about Arab men, the stereotype ones, just a little note darlings, true or not, at least read to get an idea what you're getting

From Desperate in Dubai (the blog turned into a book) 
1. Arab men will woo you with flowers on your doorstep weekly.
2. They will take you to lazy cruises aboard a private yacht and/or spontaneous weekend trips.
3. They will shower you with expensive gifts. 
4. All Arab men are over-protective.
But be careful because they might already be married. So here's how to spot a married Arab guy from the unmarried one, again according to the book:
1. If he never introduced you to his family - Arab men rarely did until they were ready to get married.
2. If he always working.
3. If he never let you look through his phone
4. If he is never free on a Friday.
5. If he suddenly become withdrawn, his mind clearly preoccupied with something he would refuse to talk about.
(Then he is definitely married.) 
And another tip from the book: "Emirati men are just out to have fun, the other Arabs - Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians, and the like - usually refuse to marry outside of their culture, and the ones who do, often Lebanese, are usually the 'modern' type who drink alcohol and don't pray. the practising arab men are far too traditional to marry independent women who have been living in strange countries without their families, who are likely to have questionable pasts, and who have modern ideas about marriage that are incompatible with their traditional ones."

For more tips, you might also wanna read ..Don't Roll Over for your Saudi, because it mentioned there that..
"A Saudi man can be the most charming and most gracious man when he is courting a woman. He has words which make the woman feel like the most cherished and pampered Princess. He will tell her that there is no one like her and he will not have a life without her. He will show consideration and manners of a Prince to her family and friends. They will all congratulate her for finding such a likeable man.

The young woman is very proud to have such a man as her partner. He is charming, handsome, articulate and more than anything she has ever dreamed in a man. She probably will not question him too deeply and take all of his words to heart, including how he will love her forever and someday carry her to Saudi Arabia............"

Bottom line is: I think we should all wake up and smell the shawarma when it comes to falling in love, Arab or not, doesn't matter.