Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Celeb for a Day

I have lived like a celebrity for a day.

Friday - I enjoyed a luxurious ride with friends. First our limo chauffeur picked us up and navigated through the streets of Dubai before taking us to our own private yacht cruise at Dubai Marina. It was a 2-hour cruise so a lot of photos were taken. Too bad, we didn't get to cruise near Burj Al Arab because there was a boat race or something going on. In fact, the sea patrol (dubai police on a yacht) even chased us coz I think our yacht captain crossed the border or something, LOL. But we got closed and stayed for few minutes near The Atlantis.

So anyway here are the 'party' photos, enjoy ;-)

The ride

inside the limo

At Dubai Marina

Inside the yacht

The captain

My turn... LOL

The Atlantis

 Time to go home, my car is waiting... hahaha

just a wish :p