Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Pink Walkathon

Last Friday, I participated in the annual Pink Walkathon (BurJuman Safe & Sound Breast Cancer Awareness Programme). Was my first time to join so even if I was down with flu (I still am), I still went and walked. Was amazing and I really had fun. I was there with my friends since 7:30 am, had our face painted and watched Rob Idol (UK's biggest tribute to Robbie Williams) who sang few hit songs of RW. We, of course, joined the fun meaning we sang and danced with him, LOL. The Walkathon started past 8am and finished the 3.6km walk around 10:30 am. There were 12,500 participants, which I believe there were more. In front of the walkers, were guys in Harleys then some sheikhs (sorry I forgot your highness' name) and people with drums. I really enjoyed it. After the walk, there was a live band inside the Burjuman and few sales of random stuff . Had breakfast while enjoying the live music. People were singing and dancing with the band. I stayed for an hour at least then went home as my flu was getting worse (sore throat, hoarseness, watery eyes, sneezing, stuffy nose, cough, headache, name it, LOL). So anyway, here are the photos (taken by my roomie) for you

Monday, October 24, 2011

Bickering and Some LOL-ing

Long time ago the girl and the guy were watching Burn Notice (the tv show). Since it's a Miami-based, there are lots of shots of women in bikinis on the beach. So the guy couldn't help saying ... "Wow, bewbies!" and wow this and that stuff. One time, the camera panned on the women's legs, and the girl couldn't help but noticed the obvious so she said "Wow, cellulites!" LOL

So what's my point -- Men are men, they can't and won't resist ANY women, regardless of whatever. Haha. And whether you are pretty or sexy or nice and the other woman is well your exact opposite (Insulting, innit?)... it won't make any difference.  

Any man (or woman) who wants to prove what I've said is wrong, the floor is open.. ;-)


On a lighter note :p, few days back I was out doing some errands. I approached some guy to ask something so I was smiling (trying to be friendly and all). Suddenly his guy friend came and said something in a very loud voice,
Guy's friend:  Your wife SMS-ed me.
Guy: I have a wife?! And she knew your number?
(Me laughs a little...)
Guy's friend: Yup, we're friends on Facebook. She asked me to tell you to call her back.
Guy: *laughs*
(Me thinks guy's friend did/said that because he thought his friend was flirting with me.)
Guy's friend to him again while lookin at me: Oh and she said, your baby has run out of milk.
(Me burts into laughter - mwahahahahhahaha)


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sometimes secrets are necessary.

Not sure where I am going with a title like that but recently I've realized that we should always leave something for ourselves because too much familiarity breeds inattention.

If you are too open to other people whatsoever, sooner or later, they will find you boring and will take you for granted then neglect you and find someone interesting.

Am I speaking from experience? That's one secret I'll never tell. You know you love me. Xoxo, Gossip Girl. Hahaha.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Some Men Are Playahs (or Most? LOL)

Here's the thing I don't want to talk about men in general but I will talk about some girl I know who had a relationship with an Emirati guy.

He (J the Emirati) was 19 and she (A the non-Emirati) was like 22 when they met, they fell in love etc etc. J had showered A with gifts and all the latest gadgets, given her "monthly allowance" and even took her to different countries yearly. It happened for 6 long years, until A discovered some random text messages/SMS from some number on his mobile phone. She tried to call the number but there was no answer. A asked J about it but he denied it, he said it was his brother using his phone to call/sms his gf or something to that effect. Being unconvinced, A tried to call the number the next day and someone answered -- the biggest shock of her life, it was her bf's OTHER gf (B another non-Emirati). A found out that their relationship was just "new" and that whatever J gave her, he was also giving B the same (fair enough? LOL).

To make the story short, A broke up with J. Funny thing is instead of J apologizing to A or ending the relationship up with B and instead of promising it won't happen again, he told A that he's giving her a week to change her mind. The nerve!

Few things transpired during A and B's confrontations. When A asked B on what she is going to do now that B knows about her, B's reply "NOTHING" because according to J "he was single/had no gf". And when B was asked if she knew J's whereabouts during the time when he was "missing in action" (aka with A out of the country), B said that what she knew was J was on holiday with group of friends for weeks.

Ladies, just because he showered you with time/attention/gifts or bring you to Neverland or introduced you to his family/friends doesnt mean he is serious with you, you never can tell.

Anything to add?

P.S. A is now happily married to someone else. As for J and B, I've no idea if they lived happily ever after too :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Print Model - Faking It (LOL)

So yesterday* I had Dubai Metro (new) Green Line trip (just to experience). Started at Union station to Etisalat station (end of the line), then got off  and went to the other side to take the train to Creek station (another end). We got off at Al Ghubaiba station for the famous "UAE heritage" themed station then got on again to Health Care City station, the green line ends there for now (2 more stations are yet to be opened), so we got off and took the train to Etisalat to reach our final destination - Khalid Bin Walid station. Of course, photoshooting is in order.

In every journey there are pictures, here are mine ...

Dubai Metro (new) Green Line


Al Ghubaiba Station

BonChon Chicken

P.S. Photos are taken by my friend/roommate :)

* It meant Friday. Sorry wrote this Saturday but posted it only today.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Are you in an interracial or intercultural relationshi__? (fill in letter of your choice)


INTERLOVIN' pt. 1 Horrific and Unedited v.1
by Jill Cabansag on Tuesday, 04 October 2011 at 09:00

Thank you, yes... I coined that junk.

These days, there are so many "two-toned" couples, if you know what I mean. Japanese-American, Filipino-African, Korean-Chinese seems to be the THING these days. In-breeding is no longer the social mandate and the world's people has become much more beautiful because of it quite frankly.

I have been, for the most part of my dating life, participating in this relatively nouveau 'equal opportunity' dating scene and it has enriched my life in more ways than one. It has exposed me to so many sides of human anthropology and behaviours, and played a major part in helping me become the crazy person I am today.

Today I will write about some of my radical experiences and lessons learned. Many of my FB friends are in this kind of mess errr--- relationship (haha) and methinks this little blog entry could help yallz climb to Everest. Keep your pants on, here goes.

For part one of this saga, I will discuss what is probably the most fundamental FUNDAMENTAL of any human FUNDAMENTAL. ===COMMUNICATION AND LANGUAGE===.

We all come from our own little nooks and crannies. In my case, PILIPINAS KONG MAHAL, THE HILLS ARE ALIVE, and the UNITED STATES OF ADOBO. Pretty messed-up I tellz ya. Growing up, I've had to manage leveling things off to make sense of my various cultural backgrounds which had socially labeled me short of being a freak of nature aka weirdo. I then learned of this thing called third culture kids or TCK but that will be another story for another day.

So my cultural norms and mores lean towards the "West Wing"... Add that to my God given loud and sailor mouth, and extensive traveling experiences (I totally beat Dora la explorada)...... and bring ALLA THAT to the East, where my blood comes from... (drum roll plz....) is a bit too much for comfort.

I came back to the Philippines, from the United States of Adobo at the not so tender age of 26 to have the opportunity of a better life (HAHAHAH DONT ASK, those who know, KNOW...) and found me a Korean prince living in the palace of M2. ("Oh Gosh", says Chaz)...and months passed, happily ever after seemed as complicated as to why my grandmother keeps money inside her bra. Yes, go figure. Why? It's all because for a long time, we were completely lost in translation. Our language skills were just about as good as google translator or those famously sketch and obscure English signs you find all over the world, especially in Thailand. And that's when we TALK FACE TO FACE. Then, theres ONLINE communication which sometimes gets soooo outta hand, feels like trying to get a fat kid to eat his vegetables.

Yes, the Korean and I have had innumerable fights and about 95% of them had something to do with miscommunication or a typo error.

I have then learned that in this kind of relationship, what you say don't count as much as what you DON'T say and how well you listen.

In the States, men and woman have this equality mambo jambo; however, in many parts of Asia, that thing simply does not exist within the norms of an upright Asian man who is raised right by his momma. It's a hard thing to swallow, and but this is where I've had to do a lot of introspection and identifying what I want out of life and how to put the pieces I have chosen together, to get to the bigger picture.

Yeah, yeah...

Anyway, to my lady friends: Communication is very important and spending time going to the movies or having pizza with the crew don't count. It is important that you spend time talking things through... and not talking things through (GIVING THE BOY SOME SPACE), leveling it off and learning from it.

Intercultural relationships are not easy at all, but it doesn't mean that happiness is unattainable. In my opinion, this kind of relationship give you a lot of hypertensive attacks in the beginning, and then the inevitable hits you: In time, you start developing your own language and understanding each other more.

The Korean culture is by far the most different I have ever come across. The way they do things, how they see foreigners and handle interpersonal relationships sometimes reaches a point of absurdity, but then with time, whilst keeping an open mind... is actually more similar to all my cultural backgrounds than it is different! I just had to process and communicate with him more than usual and more importantly, consciously try to improve my LISTENING over my REASONING.

Looking back to my former relationships (both interracial and intercultural), I have realized why it never quite worked out... Yes, I was youngER and stupidER (haha) "at that time" by a wide margin, and it dawned on me that a few years of this and that called EXPERIENCE really sustains ones endurance and perseverance that leads to precious PATIENCE... which I now believe to be the mealticket for a good relationship.

A few parting words:

Quote from the movie EVER AFTER: Don't talk unless it helps keep the silence.

Focus on being positive, because G.O.G.I. Garbage In, Garbage Out. You figure that out.

One love.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's A Jungle Out There

Because I promised my guy not to share the pic he sent me 3 hours ago so I won't but the title says it all.

For your curiousity sake, it's nothing important [really].. just his living room. *LOL*