Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just Another Japanese Resto

Thursday night - I, together with my friends, have been to Radisson Blu Hotel in Deira Creek. We tried the Japanese BBQ buffet at Sumibiya. If you love grilled foods, it's the best place to be. It's like raining food and drinks, from salad (vegetable, fruit) to meat (chicken, beef, mutton) to seafood (shrimp, squid, fish) to drinks (juice, white/red wine, beer).

Eat and drink all you can.

yakiniku style

from kimchi (korean pickled starter) to the best cut of meat and seafood

so much wine, so little time.. LOL

Am I making you hungry? :p

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Japanese-ness in Dubai

Hello there! Today, I'm going to share where I've been lately, but first of all, I'd like to say GRATITUDE to my new readers/followers and APOLOGIES to everyone for not writing anything here for weeks. It's not that I can't find any reason to blog it is just that I can't beat my laziness in this super-hot weather. It's always 48º C outside (yeah, it's in Celsius). So I blog whenever I can.

People, you will appreciate the following photos if you're so into Japanese whatever. Hahaha. And no I'm not talking about my fave shabu-shabu. It's about a cozy Japanese resto -Hanabi- in an awesome place (Asiana Hotel), nowhere else but in Dubai.

The Place:

the hanging crystal balls in the hotel lobby's ceiling that resemble an eye

the japanese-inspired ceiling lights inside the resto

the empty table inside the resto's private room

the menu
the candle-like rechargeable lamp on the table
the empty plate

The Food - it's Oishi !!

california maki (i dig 'em)

Bento (Japanese "lunch boxes")

sushi, sashimi, wasabi, etc is on the house (arigato to my tomadochi for the treat!)

i ♥ shrimp/prawns

Most of the pics are taken from my friend's camera and some are from my mobile phone :) JA MATA!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Act of Negligence or Teaching Independency?

It bothers me when parents here show some "neglect" to their child. I don't want to judge nor talk parenting skils because I'm not a parent myself and never been a parent yet. I'm just basing how my parents or most Filipino parents treat their children.

Long time ago, I was having dinner with my sister and her hubby at Chilli's when suddenly a little Emirati girl kept on coming to our table, tapping it with her crayon, screaming and trying to play hide-and-seek with us. Her parents, sitting next table, were busy enjoying their food. They didn't even bother to call the little girl to join them nor feed her. I don't know how could parents -especially mother- enjoy the food when their daughter is running around? I can't help but compare them to Filipino parents. In our culture, the mother will attend to her daughter/son first and spoonfeed her/him (if needed), before she starts eating. It is a MUST to make sure that her child is well-fed before herself. Most Filipino mother would choose to be hungry than seeing their child not eating. That's the difference.

Then one weekend, we were in the cinema, an Emirati kid was playing and running back and forth the stairs. So the cinema guy/attendant told the kid not to run/play there because it's dangerous but the kid kept on doing it. He almost tripped but the cinema guy was fast to catch him. While he was holding him he again told the child to stop running. The dad came shouting, asking why the cinema guy is stopping his child from playing. The cinema guy explained that he's only concerned to the safety of the child. The dad said still shouting "It is not your problem if something happened to him. Where is your manager? I want to talk to him. You have no right to scold my child." O_O WTF! What kind of reasoning was that? Again, in our culture in a situation like this, you will always see Filipino parents holding their child's hand. Most Filipino parents are over-protective. If they let the child plays, they will follow the child anywhere he/she goes and won't take their eyes off from him/her.

And just recently, while getting off from the Metro underground station walking to the escalator going up, a Saudi (?) family walked ahead of me. First was the father, then the mother, followed by 2 kids (son and daughter, around 5 and 2 years old, respectively). The cute little girl was walking like a baby duck, she was obviously still learning how to walk  and I was shocked when the parents stepped on the escalator without looking back, seriously!?!. The little girl started crawling to get on to the escalator!! I ran hurriedly to assist the little girl but she crawled too fast. She was literally crawling to get closer to her mother on the escalator. The mother only looked back when they were already in the middle of escalator and she did it only ONCE maybe just to see if her kids are following them. When the parents were about to step out of the escalator, I was expecting she will hold the little girl's hand but she didn't. She stepped off the escalator and continue walking without looking back. She was busy following her husband. Apparently, she doesn't care for her children :-| I was standing behind the little girl and was happy that she once again managed to step out from the escalator.

I am not sure if the "exhibits" above is just an "Arab thing". I don't know if the parents' behavior towards their children is one of the many ways how they teach their kids to be independent and strong. Not sure either if it's really a good parenting skill or not. I also don't know if these "parenting skills" are acquired because MAYBE this is the same way how their parents raised them. I'm just kinda sad because kids are kids, parents should be the first ones to give protection and care to them.

Just A Medium Note

Hello everyone. How are you all this weekend? Hope everyone's having fun and enjoying it to the fullest. I miss you all. Sorry for being "absent" reading your blogs and giving some of my opinion. I'm just busy. Busy planning what to do in my life before I reach 40. LOL.

You see I was born outside the metropolis which we call it province (country side) but later my family "migrated" to the suburbs and rented a small place when I was 10. I was practically raised in the slums of the city. Not having enough money I have earned my degree in a state-university. I was literally a "scholar of the nation".

Coming from a poor family, I have so many frustrations in life. One of them is furthering my studies. I always wanted to study abroad or at least in an international school. Another thing is doing things that I feel I've been deprived for years (or decades?).  So like I've said, my mission in life is to accomplish most of them before the big 4-0..

Mission 1:  Learn how to drive.
Target date:  November 2011 - March 2012
I'm telling you, when this hot climate is over, I want to enroll myself in motor driving centre to, of course, get driving licence. I've checked about it and it seems that I have to do it every Friday because it's not possible during weekdays due to my work so it means I need to pay extra.

Mission 2:  French Intermediate Level (A2) [ME DREAMING BIG]
Target date: September 2011 (tentative)
I'm going to continue my French studies and get a diploma someday. I just hope Alliance Francaise de Doubai will "credit" what I've taken/learned from Alliance Francaise de Manille. I'm planning to take the night classes twice a week since it's a little closer to my work.

Mission 3:  Take IELTS exam
Target date:  Before September 2012
I'm not sure if I'm going to enroll in British Council IELTS preparation or skip it and directly take the exam because I don't have enough money. What do you think? Hehe.

Mission 4:  Visit France [ME DREAMING BIGGER]
Target date:  January to February 2012
Need to be extra thrifty to save more.

Mission 5:  Enroll in Master's programs (ME DREAMING BIGGEST)
Target date: September 2012 (I need to save money first, LOL)
This explains why I need to take IELTS. I was thinking instead of wasting time enrolling to some language crash courses why not get a master degree. I wanted something related to my degree (Broadcast Communication) but when I've checked American University in Dubai, Murdoch University Dubai and Middlesex University Dubai post graduate programs, they don't have anything what I wanted. The only program that interests me is the MA Marketing Communications and it is only offered by Middlesex Uni. They require an approximate tuition fee of 65k dirhams for the whole program. They also give good timings for working/part time student in the evening meaning I will get my master maximum 3 years. MBA in AUD is my second option.

I guess it's high time for me to skip lunch to save more money in order to pursuit my dream(s). Haha.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Discrimination in the Dubai Metro

My City My MetroSomething happened last Thursday afternoon. I was standing behind or at the side of this middle-aged Indian guy in the Metro when the two persons sitting in front of him stood up and got off from the Metro, he (the middle-aged Indian guy) IMMEDIATELY offered the seats to the 2 white women  (in their 30s or late 20s) who were standing a little farther from him. OMG, HOW GENTLEMAN (being sarcastic here)! It's not that I wanted to sit because I honestly had no intention to sit as I was going to get off in the next station and I've been sitting my ass all day in the office, LOL. I just felt offended and discriminated because if he was a REAL gentleman (roll-eyes), he should offer the seats to the woman who is closer to him or to the seats, regardless of her race.

So, anyway, moving on, yesterday (Friday) afternoon, we (me and my other 2 roommates) were scouting out flats so we were walking here and there for ocular inspection. We used the Metro Station to cross the streets because we want to cool ourselves by going through/inside the station (it was so hot outside plus there was a sandstorm), when suddenly the policewoman stopped us and asked our IDs (she didn't tell why). I gave my pathaka (labour card) while my 2 roommates gave their Emirates IDs. She asked the 2 girls if they have other IDs (I think she wanted them to show their pathakas.) After my 2 roommates said, that's all they have at the moment as they left their pathakas at home, they were questioned where do they work. Seriously, I was really puzzled because it was like the Emirates ID isn't reliable at all, I meant what's the point of getting and having an Emirates ID if the police will ask you for another ID?!? So anyway, again I feel so discrimated because she (the policewoman) was ONLY asking IDs to Filipinas (Filipino girls) and she didn't explain why.

In Dubai Metro, every trip has story.. and that's my story.

Leaving you now with the Dubai Metro phrase that keeps playing inside my head... "Al Abwab Botoghlak. Doors Closing."