Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When the going gets tough..

give them a half peace sign.. LOL, just kiddin'

For the last 2 months, I've been adjusting then struggling but still surviving.

You see, I am working for an Indian-owned company and oh boy, I was having fun and doing fine on my first month-and-a-half because the person (a Leb) I was assisting, the same person who interviewed and hired me, was a nice man and treating me well enough till he resigned. It's a nightmare. He wanted to take me to his new company but not possible for me. I meant I would if I could but since I just joined, had my employment visa/labour card/contract, it would not be easy for me to just leave the company. Even if the company will release me, I will still get a one-year-employment ban from Dubai Labour Department (this is what I know). I need to stay for at least a year.

So anyway, since they left me with no choice I have to stay and agree with the owner. I was like "demoted" since I've no one to assist anymore (no plan of replacing the Leb) and they remove 25% of my salary (they're not going to honor the contract because the company is down though I know it's against the Labour law). Worst thing is my salary is über-delayed!!! I KNOW RIGHT.

The least I can do is "enjoy" sitting idle in the office. Nothin much to do here except a little encoding given by the Finance Director and answering few phone calls once and a while. Seriously, it's boring. Everyday, for me, is a challenge .. a challenge not to crawl under my workdesk and sleep. LOL.

I'm keeping myself busy reading stuff online, sometimes brushing up my French and most of the time Facebooking and tweeting nonsense (stalk me on Learning something online, making the most of the internet here. Hahaha.

I don't wanna lose hope. I have a plan, I need to. I don't wanna be shady. Happiness IS a choice and I know I can make it through the storm because I'm a tough cookie.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm not lazy, I'm just saving my energy.

lazy cartoons, lazy cartoon, lazy picture, lazy pictures, lazy image, lazy images, lazy illustration, lazy illustrations There's a joke about Sudanese. They (whoever they are) said Sudanese are known for being the laziest Arabs and will do anything to avoid work. Here's an example.
A company that manufactures bed hired a Sudanese for their showroom. The job: to lie down in the bed and stay there all day. In the middle of the day the Sudanese started complaining, he said he wants to take a break because he is too tired from working.

If you're feeling generous...

and you know any site where I can download free ebooks...

or you have the ebooks of: "Does my Head Look Big in This?" by Randa Abdel-Fattah or "Florence of Arabia" by Christopher Buckley...

or you have interesting and hilarious ebooks...

Please send it to me. Thanks.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The last LOL is mine. (LOL)

It's funny when you realize who will always matter, who does matter, and who never did in your life.

I had a short chat with the ex-bf a week ago (after 10 years) asking me to meet up but rejected him big time. I feel sooo beautiful for doing it.. LOL. 
Ex: Hey, I'm here in Dubai.Wanna meet up?
Me: No, thanks. Not interested.
Ex: LOL. I'm here in Dubai.
Me: I know, your older bro told me few weeks ago.
Ex: Really? It could be a mistake, maybe he thought you're my wife!
Me: I don't think so, IDIOT! How could it be! I'm the exact opposite of her, LOL!
Ex: LOOOOL. Your fault.
Me: I'm sorry?
Ex: Never mind. So wanna meet up?
Me: For what? Will I earn something if we meet? LOL
Ex: No. Just to meet up.
Me: I guess you're bragging about me, telling everyone I'm your ex. LOL
Ex: Thick-faced. LOL
Me: Is that the reaction you get everytime you say I'm your ex? LOOOOL
Ex: Maybe it's you who are bragging about me.
Me: Nope. In fact, I'm denying you. LOL. Don't want them to know that I have a poor eyesight. LOOOOL.
Ex: Hahahahahahaha. So wanna meet?
Me: Nope! I don't want.
Then he shut up. LOL
So ladies, if someone breaks your heart, stop sourgraping and bittergourding (=I invented this word, LOL) because one day you will look back on that moment and laugh or even ask why did I fall in love with that guy in the first place? *winks*

Don't lose your self-confidence. Stay happy and prettify yourself always.. it's the sweetest revenge!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Flutterby Effect

I would like to thank my Silla girl for the coolest award I ever know.. the Butterfly Award.
I don't know exactly what to tell you about myself and I only wanna talk about positive things in life.. I want to get inspired and have something to look forward to because it keeps me going.

In life, we need to be a fighter in order to survive. We need to dream and dream and not to give up for that dream. 

Here's something I look forward to - 2 things:
  • So excited for next month (1st week of June).. I won't go into details but I really do hope it will "materialize".
  • I'm saving up for a 1 month European trip or at least a 1 week trip to France (quarterly) starting next year, reason why I formally took French language and culture course for nine months.
I'm thinking happy thoughts and keeping my fingers crossed..  that's what I'm doing right now.

I'm passing this "torch" to my lovelies: Fadiah, Naz, Sorlisa, BluePearl and BosnishMuslima

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Caught Red-Handed at the Shabu-Shabu Party

Last Thu night, a former flatmate and a bubbly friend of mine threw a pre-birthday dinner party. I was going to beg off because I didn’t know anyone there except for her and another former flatmate/coworker but  I attended because I was SO hungry it was a “shabu-shabu” party. As y'all know or don’t know, it’s my favorite dish, a Japanese dish where thinly sliced meat and vegetables, seafoods, mushrooms, black fungus, seeweeds, tofu and noodles are submerged in a pot of boiling water/broth and it is eaten by dipping it in a sauce (e.g. peanut sauce + chilli sauce) or with rice. For more info: 

So anyway, I had fun (donno with the others, LOL). I enjoyed the shabu-shabu galore and met interesting girls (her other friends – 5 Filipinas, 1 Japanese, 1 Sri Lankan), a total of 10 girls. Suprisingly, the Japanese girl (in white with short hair) told me that I look more Japanese than her and I can be mistaken as Thai girl also. Interesting, innit?
shabu shabu galore with the girls
the celebrant is in the centre seat

The birthday girl uploaded more than 100 pics of us in her Facebook and most of them were stolen shots. LOL’ed so much when I saw one of my caught off-guard moments, so I downloaded it and inserted a "speech bubble" ... check this out :p
caught red-handed!
Chismosa is a Filipino/Spanish word for a female gossiper; a woman who talks shit about another person behind their back (LOL, that was harsh!)
Check the picture again.. noticed how the girl in yellow (beside me) covers her mouth with a tissue like she was whispering something to me and the reaction on my face?! Priceless!! Very chismosa, LOL.