Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thoughts on "Desperate in Dubai"

So finally, got my own copy of Desperate in Dubai novel after waiting for a long time. It's a good read though I felt like I already read half or a third of the book. It's a little different from the blog, I mean, the flow of the story.

It's amusing to read. Interesting. I can't stop laughing at Rowdha when she pretended to be Jennifer. My favorite characters are Lady Luxe/Jennifer and Leila. It's funny how Leila reminds me of some random woman (an American or Canadian??).. she's kinda like Leila, eager to make friends with Emirati girls just because she wants to get a hold of an Emirati guy.. it is called networking. LOL. As for Nadia and Sugar, I think they arent as much as important as Lady Luxe and Leila, the story can go on without them. I also think that there's some biased description about the character Sugar compared to the others because I believe the author is an Indian (?).

I won't say anything about the story as I dont wanna spoil it for you. So as for whatever happened to whom it's for you to read :p

I just hope that the book has some footnotes to explain the meaning of the Arabic and Hindi words/phrases mentioned because not all readers understand the language(s).

Overall, I recommend you to read the book esp if you're into some cultural stuff.

P.S.  I've picked up (I took notes mentally) some interesting Arab men thingy there, will write about it soon.