Friday, November 25, 2011

Aal Izz Vell

If you've seen the Indian film "3 Idiots", you'll get what I'm talking about.

To those who didn't, "Aal izz vell" is NOT a Hindi phrase. It's the English phrase "all is well" in Indian accent :p

If you wanna laugh and get bored at the same time then watch it. It's a 3-hour movie so you know..

Anyway, the movie will help you make understand their accent more, esp here in Dubai/UAE and I really can relate..

Just like a couple of days ago, someone said he's from "Aal Eyed company" upon seeing his business card, I learned he's from "Allied". Then another guy told me he's from "Tea Funny", then later I learned he's from "Tiffany". And another one says "See Bonnie" instead of "Si Bonne".  So who would have thought "Prog Receive company" is spelled as "Progressive"?

Again, I could go on and on but that's all for now.

I hope AAL IZZ VELL with y'all. Wish you happiness today and always :)

Monday, November 14, 2011


For the past few weeks, I've learned something..

I've learned that oversharing your personal life (or the so-called lovelife) online will bring you to a place that isn't very nice, somewhere you shouldn't be... that sometimes oversharing can lead you to psychotic people who will send you psychotic messages regularly as if you are subscribed to them.

It really is too difficult to experience...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Eid al-Adha Mubarak to all the Muslims around the globe!!! (so sorry for the late greetings)

Last Sunday, I celebrated my Eid al-Adha Holiday at Mamzar Beach Park with my roomie and her group of friends (total of 11 people). We had a wonderful picnic, great walk and fun swimming though the beach park was crowded that day. Check out the photos (thanks to roomie's friends for taking awesome pics)..

Our group (7 out 11 people) goofing around.