Saturday, October 15, 2011

Some Men Are Playahs (or Most? LOL)

Here's the thing I don't want to talk about men in general but I will talk about some girl I know who had a relationship with an Emirati guy.

He (J the Emirati) was 19 and she (A the non-Emirati) was like 22 when they met, they fell in love etc etc. J had showered A with gifts and all the latest gadgets, given her "monthly allowance" and even took her to different countries yearly. It happened for 6 long years, until A discovered some random text messages/SMS from some number on his mobile phone. She tried to call the number but there was no answer. A asked J about it but he denied it, he said it was his brother using his phone to call/sms his gf or something to that effect. Being unconvinced, A tried to call the number the next day and someone answered -- the biggest shock of her life, it was her bf's OTHER gf (B another non-Emirati). A found out that their relationship was just "new" and that whatever J gave her, he was also giving B the same (fair enough? LOL).

To make the story short, A broke up with J. Funny thing is instead of J apologizing to A or ending the relationship up with B and instead of promising it won't happen again, he told A that he's giving her a week to change her mind. The nerve!

Few things transpired during A and B's confrontations. When A asked B on what she is going to do now that B knows about her, B's reply "NOTHING" because according to J "he was single/had no gf". And when B was asked if she knew J's whereabouts during the time when he was "missing in action" (aka with A out of the country), B said that what she knew was J was on holiday with group of friends for weeks.

Ladies, just because he showered you with time/attention/gifts or bring you to Neverland or introduced you to his family/friends doesnt mean he is serious with you, you never can tell.

Anything to add?

P.S. A is now happily married to someone else. As for J and B, I've no idea if they lived happily ever after too :)