Monday, October 10, 2011

Print Model - Faking It (LOL)

So yesterday* I had Dubai Metro (new) Green Line trip (just to experience). Started at Union station to Etisalat station (end of the line), then got off  and went to the other side to take the train to Creek station (another end). We got off at Al Ghubaiba station for the famous "UAE heritage" themed station then got on again to Health Care City station, the green line ends there for now (2 more stations are yet to be opened), so we got off and took the train to Etisalat to reach our final destination - Khalid Bin Walid station. Of course, photoshooting is in order.

In every journey there are pictures, here are mine ...

Dubai Metro (new) Green Line


Al Ghubaiba Station

BonChon Chicken

P.S. Photos are taken by my friend/roommate :)

* It meant Friday. Sorry wrote this Saturday but posted it only today.