Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Pink Walkathon

Last Friday, I participated in the annual Pink Walkathon (BurJuman Safe & Sound Breast Cancer Awareness Programme). Was my first time to join so even if I was down with flu (I still am), I still went and walked. Was amazing and I really had fun. I was there with my friends since 7:30 am, had our face painted and watched Rob Idol (UK's biggest tribute to Robbie Williams) who sang few hit songs of RW. We, of course, joined the fun meaning we sang and danced with him, LOL. The Walkathon started past 8am and finished the 3.6km walk around 10:30 am. There were 12,500 participants, which I believe there were more. In front of the walkers, were guys in Harleys then some sheikhs (sorry I forgot your highness' name) and people with drums. I really enjoyed it. After the walk, there was a live band inside the Burjuman and few sales of random stuff . Had breakfast while enjoying the live music. People were singing and dancing with the band. I stayed for an hour at least then went home as my flu was getting worse (sore throat, hoarseness, watery eyes, sneezing, stuffy nose, cough, headache, name it, LOL). So anyway, here are the photos (taken by my roomie) for you