Monday, October 24, 2011

Bickering and Some LOL-ing

Long time ago the girl and the guy were watching Burn Notice (the tv show). Since it's a Miami-based, there are lots of shots of women in bikinis on the beach. So the guy couldn't help saying ... "Wow, bewbies!" and wow this and that stuff. One time, the camera panned on the women's legs, and the girl couldn't help but noticed the obvious so she said "Wow, cellulites!" LOL

So what's my point -- Men are men, they can't and won't resist ANY women, regardless of whatever. Haha. And whether you are pretty or sexy or nice and the other woman is well your exact opposite (Insulting, innit?)... it won't make any difference.  

Any man (or woman) who wants to prove what I've said is wrong, the floor is open.. ;-)


On a lighter note :p, few days back I was out doing some errands. I approached some guy to ask something so I was smiling (trying to be friendly and all). Suddenly his guy friend came and said something in a very loud voice,
Guy's friend:  Your wife SMS-ed me.
Guy: I have a wife?! And she knew your number?
(Me laughs a little...)
Guy's friend: Yup, we're friends on Facebook. She asked me to tell you to call her back.
Guy: *laughs*
(Me thinks guy's friend did/said that because he thought his friend was flirting with me.)
Guy's friend to him again while lookin at me: Oh and she said, your baby has run out of milk.
(Me burts into laughter - mwahahahahhahaha)