Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Accentist

Note: This is NOT about ma lupp Fadiosis (hello there :p).

So the other day, I was having the time of my life (LOL) when I received a call asking about who is our GM. And then she asked me to spell it...

Me:  Raj Koothrappali* ... Raj - R-A-J..
Her (butting-in):  Please spell it.
Me (annoyed):  What do you think I am doing?
Her (talking "smartly"): No, you know spell like Roger Apple...
Me (ufff.. roger apple?! LOL): Okay. Raj - Romeo-Alpha-Juliet .. Koothrappali - Kilo-Oscar-Oscar-Tango-Hotel-Romeo-Alpha-Papa-Papa-Alpha-Lima-India. Got it? (*smirks*)
Her (lost?): Hmmm... yeahh.

Another phone conversation with an accountant.
Me: Blahblah of Mercury blahblah is on the line.
Him: What? Bakery?
Me: No. Mercury .. Mer-cu-ry.
Him: Ahhh. Mer KOO Ree.
Me:  *straight face*

* Changed the last name for security reason.