Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some Indians are ridiculous..

Sorry for the special mention of that particular nationality, I can't help but share this story because I've been dealing/talking to Indians 6 days a week. My bug (the one who bit me) is labeling me a racist lately for laughing at other people. I know it's not good to laugh at other's expense so excuse for those who may find this as offensive.

You see, for the past few days, I've been staying inside the office during lunch break because of the muggy weather. So the other day, while "lunchbreaking" in the office I received a call from some random Indian man.
Him (in a very ass-y way): Can I talk to Rajesh, the MD?
Me: I'm afraid he's not in the office sir.
Him:  How about (connecting me to) the accounts (department)?
Me: Sorry but they (accountants) are out for lunch sir.
Him: How about Joe (my former boss)?
Me: He's no longer connected with the company sir.
Him: Who replaces him?
Me: No one sir.
Him: Okay, connect me to no one.
***Dead air. Me contemplating if he is just being funny or sarcastic.***
Me: I'm sorry sir?
Him (in irritating voice): Connect me to no one. Connect me to him!
***Me chuckles***
Me: Sir, what I mean is no one as in NOBODY replaces him!!!
Him (silent for a while then said their infamous line): Okay, bye. 

P.S. Don't worry guys. Indians in my office are laughing at me too. They are imitating how I say their names and some Hindi phrases, LOL