Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just A Medium Note

Hello everyone. How are you all this weekend? Hope everyone's having fun and enjoying it to the fullest. I miss you all. Sorry for being "absent" reading your blogs and giving some of my opinion. I'm just busy. Busy planning what to do in my life before I reach 40. LOL.

You see I was born outside the metropolis which we call it province (country side) but later my family "migrated" to the suburbs and rented a small place when I was 10. I was practically raised in the slums of the city. Not having enough money I have earned my degree in a state-university. I was literally a "scholar of the nation".

Coming from a poor family, I have so many frustrations in life. One of them is furthering my studies. I always wanted to study abroad or at least in an international school. Another thing is doing things that I feel I've been deprived for years (or decades?).  So like I've said, my mission in life is to accomplish most of them before the big 4-0..

Mission 1:  Learn how to drive.
Target date:  November 2011 - March 2012
I'm telling you, when this hot climate is over, I want to enroll myself in motor driving centre to, of course, get driving licence. I've checked about it and it seems that I have to do it every Friday because it's not possible during weekdays due to my work so it means I need to pay extra.

Mission 2:  French Intermediate Level (A2) [ME DREAMING BIG]
Target date: September 2011 (tentative)
I'm going to continue my French studies and get a diploma someday. I just hope Alliance Francaise de Doubai will "credit" what I've taken/learned from Alliance Francaise de Manille. I'm planning to take the night classes twice a week since it's a little closer to my work.

Mission 3:  Take IELTS exam
Target date:  Before September 2012
I'm not sure if I'm going to enroll in British Council IELTS preparation or skip it and directly take the exam because I don't have enough money. What do you think? Hehe.

Mission 4:  Visit France [ME DREAMING BIGGER]
Target date:  January to February 2012
Need to be extra thrifty to save more.

Mission 5:  Enroll in Master's programs (ME DREAMING BIGGEST)
Target date: September 2012 (I need to save money first, LOL)
This explains why I need to take IELTS. I was thinking instead of wasting time enrolling to some language crash courses why not get a master degree. I wanted something related to my degree (Broadcast Communication) but when I've checked American University in Dubai, Murdoch University Dubai and Middlesex University Dubai post graduate programs, they don't have anything what I wanted. The only program that interests me is the MA Marketing Communications and it is only offered by Middlesex Uni. They require an approximate tuition fee of 65k dirhams for the whole program. They also give good timings for working/part time student in the evening meaning I will get my master maximum 3 years. MBA in AUD is my second option.

I guess it's high time for me to skip lunch to save more money in order to pursuit my dream(s). Haha.