Saturday, July 2, 2011

Discrimination in the Dubai Metro

My City My MetroSomething happened last Thursday afternoon. I was standing behind or at the side of this middle-aged Indian guy in the Metro when the two persons sitting in front of him stood up and got off from the Metro, he (the middle-aged Indian guy) IMMEDIATELY offered the seats to the 2 white women  (in their 30s or late 20s) who were standing a little farther from him. OMG, HOW GENTLEMAN (being sarcastic here)! It's not that I wanted to sit because I honestly had no intention to sit as I was going to get off in the next station and I've been sitting my ass all day in the office, LOL. I just felt offended and discriminated because if he was a REAL gentleman (roll-eyes), he should offer the seats to the woman who is closer to him or to the seats, regardless of her race.

So, anyway, moving on, yesterday (Friday) afternoon, we (me and my other 2 roommates) were scouting out flats so we were walking here and there for ocular inspection. We used the Metro Station to cross the streets because we want to cool ourselves by going through/inside the station (it was so hot outside plus there was a sandstorm), when suddenly the policewoman stopped us and asked our IDs (she didn't tell why). I gave my pathaka (labour card) while my 2 roommates gave their Emirates IDs. She asked the 2 girls if they have other IDs (I think she wanted them to show their pathakas.) After my 2 roommates said, that's all they have at the moment as they left their pathakas at home, they were questioned where do they work. Seriously, I was really puzzled because it was like the Emirates ID isn't reliable at all, I meant what's the point of getting and having an Emirates ID if the police will ask you for another ID?!? So anyway, again I feel so discrimated because she (the policewoman) was ONLY asking IDs to Filipinas (Filipino girls) and she didn't explain why.

In Dubai Metro, every trip has story.. and that's my story.

Leaving you now with the Dubai Metro phrase that keeps playing inside my head... "Al Abwab Botoghlak. Doors Closing."