Monday, June 13, 2011

Blah.. Blah.. Blah..

You know you are talking to... 
  • an Indian if he tells you he is calling from YE-PEE-ESP (EPF) and his office is located at the "backside" (behind) of so and so building and he received your inquiry "the day before yesterday" (last Saturday) and will deliver your package "today evening" (tonight).  
  • a Filipino when he orders pour cups of coppee moga plabor (4 cups of coffee mocha flavor)  and ask you to gib him pibe (give him five). 
  • an Arab if he says sorry no betrol, bebsi only (sorry no petrol, pepsi only).

Oh btw, "Summer Surprises" is here, meaning until end of July everywhere is "Sale! Sale! Sale!". Two months sale.. I can afford to shop now. Here's what I bought on 1st-week sales, the cheapest 
from Aldo (around US$ 9.50)
from Max (around US$ 8.50)

Planning to shop more next week :)

[Edits: More cheap shopping pics]
from Aldo (around US$ 9.50)