Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When the going gets tough..

give them a half peace sign.. LOL, just kiddin'

For the last 2 months, I've been adjusting then struggling but still surviving.

You see, I am working for an Indian-owned company and oh boy, I was having fun and doing fine on my first month-and-a-half because the person (a Leb) I was assisting, the same person who interviewed and hired me, was a nice man and treating me well enough till he resigned. It's a nightmare. He wanted to take me to his new company but not possible for me. I meant I would if I could but since I just joined, had my employment visa/labour card/contract, it would not be easy for me to just leave the company. Even if the company will release me, I will still get a one-year-employment ban from Dubai Labour Department (this is what I know). I need to stay for at least a year.

So anyway, since they left me with no choice I have to stay and agree with the owner. I was like "demoted" since I've no one to assist anymore (no plan of replacing the Leb) and they remove 25% of my salary (they're not going to honor the contract because the company is down though I know it's against the Labour law). Worst thing is my salary is über-delayed!!! I KNOW RIGHT.

The least I can do is "enjoy" sitting idle in the office. Nothin much to do here except a little encoding given by the Finance Director and answering few phone calls once and a while. Seriously, it's boring. Everyday, for me, is a challenge .. a challenge not to crawl under my workdesk and sleep. LOL.

I'm keeping myself busy reading stuff online, sometimes brushing up my French and most of the time Facebooking and tweeting nonsense (stalk me on Learning something online, making the most of the internet here. Hahaha.

I don't wanna lose hope. I have a plan, I need to. I don't wanna be shady. Happiness IS a choice and I know I can make it through the storm because I'm a tough cookie.