Monday, May 16, 2011

The last LOL is mine. (LOL)

It's funny when you realize who will always matter, who does matter, and who never did in your life.

I had a short chat with the ex-bf a week ago (after 10 years) asking me to meet up but rejected him big time. I feel sooo beautiful for doing it.. LOL. 
Ex: Hey, I'm here in Dubai.Wanna meet up?
Me: No, thanks. Not interested.
Ex: LOL. I'm here in Dubai.
Me: I know, your older bro told me few weeks ago.
Ex: Really? It could be a mistake, maybe he thought you're my wife!
Me: I don't think so, IDIOT! How could it be! I'm the exact opposite of her, LOL!
Ex: LOOOOL. Your fault.
Me: I'm sorry?
Ex: Never mind. So wanna meet up?
Me: For what? Will I earn something if we meet? LOL
Ex: No. Just to meet up.
Me: I guess you're bragging about me, telling everyone I'm your ex. LOL
Ex: Thick-faced. LOL
Me: Is that the reaction you get everytime you say I'm your ex? LOOOOL
Ex: Maybe it's you who are bragging about me.
Me: Nope. In fact, I'm denying you. LOL. Don't want them to know that I have a poor eyesight. LOOOOL.
Ex: Hahahahahahaha. So wanna meet?
Me: Nope! I don't want.
Then he shut up. LOL
So ladies, if someone breaks your heart, stop sourgraping and bittergourding (=I invented this word, LOL) because one day you will look back on that moment and laugh or even ask why did I fall in love with that guy in the first place? *winks*

Don't lose your self-confidence. Stay happy and prettify yourself always.. it's the sweetest revenge!