Monday, May 2, 2011

Caught Red-Handed at the Shabu-Shabu Party

Last Thu night, a former flatmate and a bubbly friend of mine threw a pre-birthday dinner party. I was going to beg off because I didn’t know anyone there except for her and another former flatmate/coworker but  I attended because I was SO hungry it was a “shabu-shabu” party. As y'all know or don’t know, it’s my favorite dish, a Japanese dish where thinly sliced meat and vegetables, seafoods, mushrooms, black fungus, seeweeds, tofu and noodles are submerged in a pot of boiling water/broth and it is eaten by dipping it in a sauce (e.g. peanut sauce + chilli sauce) or with rice. For more info: 

So anyway, I had fun (donno with the others, LOL). I enjoyed the shabu-shabu galore and met interesting girls (her other friends – 5 Filipinas, 1 Japanese, 1 Sri Lankan), a total of 10 girls. Suprisingly, the Japanese girl (in white with short hair) told me that I look more Japanese than her and I can be mistaken as Thai girl also. Interesting, innit?
shabu shabu galore with the girls
the celebrant is in the centre seat

The birthday girl uploaded more than 100 pics of us in her Facebook and most of them were stolen shots. LOL’ed so much when I saw one of my caught off-guard moments, so I downloaded it and inserted a "speech bubble" ... check this out :p
caught red-handed!
Chismosa is a Filipino/Spanish word for a female gossiper; a woman who talks shit about another person behind their back (LOL, that was harsh!)
Check the picture again.. noticed how the girl in yellow (beside me) covers her mouth with a tissue like she was whispering something to me and the reaction on my face?! Priceless!! Very chismosa, LOL.