Sunday, April 10, 2011

The 'P-F' Syndrome

Just another anecdote =))

A month ago or two, I was standing inside the bus (after getting off from the Metro) going to my sis' place. The Filipino bus driver closed the bus door and was about to go when suddenly few passengers came running and pressing the button outside next to the bus' door to open it, some were knocking. The driver didn't open the door, I was thinking that he couldn't open the door because of some technical glitch (Dubai bus is electronically operated and stuff). The driver shouted "PULL, PULL". The passengers outside touched the door or were trying to pull the door. But the driver kept on shouting "PULL, PULL". The passengers outside looked so confused, and I was like to myself *why these passengers can't just pull the door and get in so we all can go fast*. Again, for the the 3rd time, the driver shouted "PULL, PULL" but this time with hand gesture.

And that was when I realized that the driver had been trying to tell that the bus is already FULL. *what the epp!*