Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Office, Arabic and Junk Food

Once again, I'm back. Internet is back in the new flat thought it still crappy, crappiest actually. Landlady said it is 8gb thingy (8gb my ass!) Getting on/off is very frustrating. There's nothing else to complain except for the BS connection. I think it's really true that we can't have the best of both worlds, LOL.

I'm going to blog in JPEG right now as I'm not that well (a little woozy and I have cold, stuffy nose, sore throat and out of sorts.. climate is going to change soon.. summer is absolutely around the corner) and I'm getting on/off from my wireless network.. F!

My little space in the workplace and just another little Indian boy, crawling all over that room and playing. His family owns a group of supermarkets.

Arabic Food (Lebanese in particular): sautéed spinach (donno how they call it in Arabic), arabic sweets, riz bi haleeb (rice pudding) and muhalabia (milk-pudding) ... FYI: my boss is from Lebanon

Junk Food: Chips and Cotton Candy (from suppliers, my boss made me eat all of them except for the wrapper and little bucket, he said in a month I will get fat.. sure sure, LOL)

P.S. I've been doing this entry and uploading pics yesterday but after 5hours getting on/off I gave up. My internet sucks big time!

- - -
[Edits: Inserted the photos I supposed to insert]