Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fishing for Compliments

Blue Pearl’s Fighting the age is absolutely timely for me. A week ago, was my birthday and I’m already old and scared of wrinkles and gray hair … LOL

On my birthday, I was at the Al Muhaisnah Medical Fitness Centre – largest one in Dubai, for my blood test and x-ray exam as part of my residence visa process. Yes I went home with a band-aid on my arm and eat a super-special birthday dinner (see the photos). Haha.
band-aid after blood test
b-day dinner: water, cup noodles and orange juice

I turned *please don't die after reading my age*  34 last week. Am I joking? Nope, you read it right, thirty-four, I'm 34 but I don't look it. I feel like I still look 14. LOL

Have you ever wondered how a 34-year-old look like sans make up, sans sleep, and thoroughly exhausted moving from one place to another … take a look..
2 months before my 34th b-day
Believe me, it isn’t photoshopped. I credit this to my good genes. Genetics play a role, my parents look young too. *Mom, Dad, thanks for the good genes.*