Sunday, March 20, 2011


Just to let you know, I'm still alive and kicking. Rumours are not true, LOL. I am just preoccupied with my new job. After wasting 20 months in the PH and 3 months in the AE, I have finally back on track. Actually, I've so much to tell, photos to post, etc. etc but I have the most stupid connection in the new place (moved out from my sister's place).. soooooo third world. Meanwhile, I know y'all missed me so here's my gift, a little laughter for you all :p

Mixed up babies in the hospital
In a hospital, in the maternity section, four new born babies get mixed-up. There is a German baby, a Jewish baby, an Indian baby, and an Emarati baby (Arab Emirates).

The nurse, who was responsible for the problem, goes up to the doctor panic stricken, and asks for some help. The doctor, extremely self-confident tells her not to worry. He goes to the room where the four babies are and shouts: "HAIL HITLER" 
Instantly the German baby gives the military salute, while the Jewish baby shits in his pants, and the Emarati baby tells the Indian baby "Clean the shit!!!"