Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Indian Persuasion

The above photo has nothing to do with the title neither with me. It's our neighbor's front door, *shhhhh* I just find it nice to look at. LOL

The Foreigners. Anyway, for the last 3 months, I've been living with foreigners.. You see, since I came back to Dubai last December, I've been staying temporarily with my sister and her husband whom I called bil (brother-in-law). Last month they have moved to a bigger place and bil's younger bro and bil joined them too. Imagine the awkward scenario, although, I seldom see them here because I seldom go out of the room besides bil and his bil are here only at night and the bro leaves after 12 noon and comes back for lunch and at night.  So it's like 5 people in the  new flat plus I was told bil's parents are coming from India on the 16th so I'm a bit under pressure to move out, I honestly am too freaked out because I haven't got my residence visa yet and my visit visa is going to expire on the 15th. Okay, I am not complaining and I don't want to look like I'm ungrateful bitch but I feel like the new flat is getting smaller day by day and I am no longer welcome to stay. 

One Little Indian Boy. Almost every night, I have some kinda "playdate", there's one little Indian boy around 1-2 year old, who comes here in the middle of the night, he is a son of bil's best friend who at the same time lives on the same floor of the same building. He comes in the bedroom, plays with my phone, press my laptop's keyboard, steps with his shoes on in my bed (I think he thinks my bed is a playground or something) and sometimes lies down beside me. He's sweet and cute and all but.. well.. sometimes you know :)

The Prayer Mat. So, we found this nice prayer mat in the GĂ©ant Hypermarket and sister bought it for the foreigners to spread and kneel it on when they want to pray at home. I find this mat really pretty like a work of art that if I send it to PH, they will display it there like a perfect Oriental rug/carpet hanging on the wall.

Indian Thingy: You know you're in an Indian home or someone had been to India if you see something like these: Elephants display, fashionable bangles, fabulous salwar kameez and sarees (sorry, can't pry into sister's closet), all kinds of spices and herbs in the kitchen and it smells curry.

It's a Jungle Out There: Actually this is supposed to be the living room but well hmm, frankly, this one looks waaayyyyy cleaner. It was a complete disaster the moment bil's bro left it.  Clothes and socks are everywhere, bed is still undone from sleep and TV being left on with Indian television series and in a loud sound. EH?!!

I really really really need a place ASAP!