Friday, March 4, 2011


I hate people with holier-than-thou attitude. Those people who think and speak so highly of themselves like they are some sort of god's gifts to mankind. Those who feel that wherever they go they will always stand out from the rest and people can't stop looking/staring at them or anywhere they go they always have this story about someone  who tried to flirt with them. They really drive me off the wall.

I have once wrote here that I have some huge issue with most of white women because of some random personal experiences with them..

Like some random years ago in a hotel in Iran, a bunch of tourists (I was one of them) just arrived, we were mostly Asians. Some were giggling and excitedly talking when suddenly the only white woman in that batch said to one of the hotel staff...
Can you give me my room key fast?! I don't wanna be with these RATS!

Just recently while I was inside the Metro, there were two ladies in their 20s who just got in talking so loudly, as if telling this to everyone: Attention, attention. We are white women who speaks English. Listen to our accent. I don't know if it was me or them but I've noticed that if other commuters weren't looking at them they were turning their volume up, exaggerating their accent more. Another thing I've noticed, after seeing a guy in khandoura, they started talking about how HAWT the Arabic language is and that the other girl is taking Arabic lesson.They were standing next to my seat so I overheard their whole conversation and learned that one is Australian and the other is American.

I have met another white-looking woman who happens to be a Latina, she is married to an Emirati and a revert. When she found out that I am in a relationship with a Saudi guy, she told me something like this: 
Really?? But you are not a Muslim and Arab guys are into blonde and blue-eyed women!! They are obsessed with white women so most likely he won't marry you, be careful . . .

I rest my case.