Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Consulate General

For the last two months I've been to my Consulate three times already.. and I'm becoming not accustomed but allergic to it. Believe me, if I start telling you my experience and other people's experience, you need to pull an all-nighter because it's going to be the longest blog for sure.  To tell you frankly, I'm not disappointed with PH Consulate, it's actually expected...

Anyway, here's an Improvement Wish List .... are you listening PCG-Dubai?

Service – I wish I could say our Consulate was the best in serving our people but it's not.  The service is very poor. There's no proper person to ask and it seems that not everyone (staff) knows their job. Oh and the proper procedures are posted beside the cashier. Seriously people, it's like a BIG joke because usually the last step of every procedure is the Cashier. I wish you post it somewhere like right after you enter the gate so right then and there everyone will know what to do and where to go. I also wish the staff were accommodating. When people seeks information from you, don't give us the look nor even shout at us, we're all human here. People are asking you guys because they don't know what to do so don't reply like they're morons. And let's say it's already 12:00 noon (your precious lunch break), but isn't it rude not to reply nor even look at the person politely asking you something? (Attention: Miss Cashier - has the cat got your tongue?). I wish you create a system especially during lunch break. Queuing system -- Encoding and Visa sections has it but the Cashier.. Miss Cashier, please do care, have some concerns and jump on the bandwagon. 

Waiting Area – I wish for more chairs, please. We don't mind sitting outside but at least provide us enough chairs or are the steps really the new chairs?!
Phone Calls – I wish you answer them (who let the phone rings, who? who? who?). If your staff can entertain personal calls on their mobile phones during office hours (alert, alert! work delays) in front of us, why not do the same thing with the "official" contact numbers. [Hats off to the person who accommodates inquiries via email, I wish your colleagues emulate you.]

Signages – I wish you put something like "Encoding Room" etc. etc.

Building – I wish cleanliness in every corner.. especially the main door.

Toilet – Ugh! Honestly, I don't even want to start, it's very "third world". I wish you will remove the "Man" and "Woman" signages there because you know they are wrong, don't you? (My English is not that good but please don't make it worse. You supposed to educate people.)

Location – I wish you relocate somewhere accessible just like any other consulate/embassy. I believe you are the only consulate located in that area. You are like "hiding" to your people.

Lastly, I know you know that some of us come as early as 1:00 am and some are from Ajman or farther and we are paying whatever the required service fees so can you at least treat us fairly?. The Consulate is supposed to be there to protect and assist citizens from having their rights trampled and not the other way around... you know what I mean.