Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh have you not heard that "Dubaian" is the word ?!

While the world is busy sitting and watching get people killed in Egypt (Ugh! When is this outrage going to end?).. I'm going to blab about yesterday's tweet by a 31 year old Emirati who (according to his Twitter page) loves to travel the world more than anything else. This is what he tweeted... 
"I am in no way a racist person but I hate it when expats living here call themselves Dubains."
Image credit: Dubai Expat Blog
First of all, I have never met any expats who say he/she is a Dubaian, no not yet, or am I the only one who is unaware that the Dubaian is the word ?! (This makes me imagine a scene from Family Guy where Peter Griffin is spontaneously singing and dancing Bird is the Word. LOL)

From what I know, UAE (and I think other Gulf countries also) government does not grant any citizenship to anyone with foreigner parents (both non-Emiratis) even if he/she was born and have spent all of his/her life here in the UAE. Unless she (no idea with non-Emirati men) marries an Emirati, she can get a UAE passport (nationality NOT citizenship) but that's only after 10 years of their 'successful' marriage.

Secondly, IMHO, let's say your parents are both non-Emiratis but you were born, raised, educated, living  and/or your whole family have settled here in Dubai/UAE then you went abroad, wouldn't you say you are from Dubai?

Thirdly, the person born/raised in Dubai who has foreign parents may not be an ethnic Emirati but he/she is definitely from Dubai, right?

Lastly, a person claiming he/she is from Dubai is way different from claiming he/she is an Emirati! I do not see any problem with it, only racist morons make a big deal out of it.

I have discussed it with the bug, and for him, the tweeting Emirati is right or has a point (MEN ALERT!! LOL).  He said that he, himself, won't say he is French unless he has the citizenship. I asked him what if he was born in France and never been to Saudi,  wouldn't he say he is from France not Saudi even if he belongs to Saudi family. He said he will still say he is from Saudi. My point is saying you are this/that nationality and from this/that country are two totally different things. So we agree to disagree.

What do you think?

P.S. Xin nian kuai le to all the Chinese all over the world !! Gong xi fa cai, hongbao na lai :))