Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Overpowering Arabic Scent

They say that on visiting the UAE, you will notice the predominance of scent overpowering you whether from burners or actually perfume itself ... And that's Oh-So-True!
(L-R) Versace (EDT), Areeq (EDP) and Heritage (EDB)
Roughly 2 years ago, a super-nice Emirati client (can't recall his name but I believe he's the owner/distributor of Ajmal Perfume) gave me a paper bag full of perfume -- there were  12 (or more, didn't count) different bottles. I shared it with my colleagues et al. and just picked 3 gorgeously looking bottles (see the pic) without checking its scent and  immediately sent back home. I was after the bottles for displaying/souvenir purposes. Our center table is currently ornamented with these bottles along with other Arabic thingy.

Few hours ago, I sprayed them on my wrists and smelled it for the first time. Thanks to the addiction of Bosnish Muslima, she inspired me to smell them, hehe.

The Versace Man (Purple) is good but too strong and the Heritage (Paris) in  a beautiful rectangular bottle reminds me of Dior's Poison.

The one I liked most is the Areeq not only because of its elegantly and attractively Arabic-looking bottle but also its light fragrance.. it smells very feminine. I googled it and find the following details: 

Areeq, which implies something that is deep rooted or traditional, is a unisex light oriental that is designed as a blend of the present and the past. The perfume has an effusive fresh floral top, wrapped in woody notes that give it a distinct character. It gradually builds into a spicy heart with a touch of fruity elements giving it an endearing sweetness. The base is subdued, and has woody notes supported by musk and amber. The perfume is presented in an attractive and extravagant bottle with rich details and intricate metal work, giving it an added novelty. The outer paper box has a beaten copper and wood finish that extends the heritage theme of the product. The brand represents the epitome of the Arabic heritage.
The said Eau de Parfum is manufactured by Ajmal, the same company that manufactures Alf Lail O Lail (1001 Nights) perfume.

Anyway, if you want to find stuff about Arabic perfumes, check-out Scents of Arabia,  the blog that tells all the sweet scents of the Arab world...  *winks*

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Americans and Geography don't go well together

And remember the Miss Teen USA 2007?  

During the final question, Miss South Carolina was asked why she thought 1/5 of Americans are unable to locate the United States on a world map. Her response was:
"I personally believe that, U.S. Americans are unable to do so, because some… people out there in our nation that don’t have maps, and I believe that our education, like such as in South Africa and the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and I believe that they should… our education over here in the U.S., should help the U.S., er, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future.., for our children... "
Here's the clip.. old but funny :)

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans! 

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Everything and Anything that I Needed to Bring


A peek of my roomy metallic gray Guess bag where it carries:
1.  my red stingray skin leather wallet (bought in Bangkok, Thailand) 

2.  my Nokia and Samsung phones (for AE and PH sim cards) 

3.  my Charles & Keith black oversized sunglasses (gorgeously rocking it a la Nicole Richie)

4. a couple of my beauty essentials like:
  • dual powder foundation (in green rectangle, forgot the brand) 
  • Maybelline Lip Smooth Color & Care (loved the Cherry-flavored) 
  • Fashion 21 Lip & Cheek Tint
  • Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste perfume
  • The Body Shop mini-hairbrush
  • pony tail holder or hair clip
  • alcohol or hand-sanitizer
  • facial or scented wet tissue

5. along with other essentials like:
  • mineral water
  • mints
  • a couple of pantiliners and Band Aids (the former has nothing to do with the latter, so stop wondering, LOL)
  • a pen & a small notepad
  • an umbrella

OK –  Your Turn!:  Show us and reveal what you bring everywhere!

P.S. Some of the stuff mentioned above aren't in the pic.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Most Expensive Garage in the World (?)

"We never put money in the bank. What we get we spend it. We get, we spend it." 
~ Sheikh Hamad of Abu Dhabi

Okay, the next showcase would be ... the wives. 
(just kiiidding, haha!)

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Arabic Pick #027

Sharing some of the Arabic words and phrases I've learned over the years. If you are an Arabic language enthusiast just like me, try to incorporate the words or phrases posted here into your daily vocabulary. Have fun!
Hala everyone and welcome back to "Arabic Pick". In this week, the Arabic word/phrase is...

ArabicMin fain?
English:  From where? (Min fain inta? = Where are you from?)

Mimi:  I'm bored.
Jino:  Let's resume watching the movie.
Mimi:  Okay, but min fain?
Jino:  From wherever it was left off!

P.S. I have learned the above word/phrase informally. Arabic speakers, please feel free to correct me. Thanks!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

World's Fastest Roller Coaster

Last week, my Facebook's News Feed was flooded with the 19th and final round of the Formula 1 World Championship. The reason: it was hosted by the Ferrari World Theme park in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The said theme park is the largest indoor theme park dedicated to the history, cars, tradition and racing culture of Ferrari. They say it is an outstanding place to visit even if you aren't a fan of F1.

See the facilities of the Ferrari World  (Abu Dhabi):

Watch Formulla Rossa - the world's fastest roller coaster (yep, UAE sets another world record, winks), so fast you need to wear eye protection!

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Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm a ... and I look like a ...


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Sunday, November 21, 2010

CNN and Me

Last November 4, CNN International had contacted me again for the 2nd time. They emailed me in the past about a segment called Global Connections but I have not been on air because of the nature of connection constraints, etc. So here's a part of their 2nd email:

"I’m leading a new and very exciting segment on CNN International that we’re called “Connecting Voices” and this is a segment that revolves around viewers all over the globe just like you. Essentially what it is, is that we will have a database of viewers and readers of CNN that we will always go to when we have a particular story or news event. For example, on the mid-term elections that just passed in the U.S., we would want to get viewpoints from every day citizens in countries around the world. If we wanted to do a ‘Connecting Voices’ segment, then we would get in touch with you and have a quick little 30 second Skype bite with you with your opinions and feelings on the issue.

The reason I am writing is because I want to see if you are happy with me contacting you in the future regarding this exciting segment and having you on CNN as one of our ‘voices’ on a particular story.

If you could just respond to this e-mail by telling me the following things and if you are happy with being part of “Connecting Voices.” ..."

So my question is, are you looking forward to have me on CNN International television soon?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Arabic Pick #026

Sharing some of the Arabic words and phrases I've learned over the years. If you are an Arabic language enthusiast just like me, try to incorporate the words or phrases posted here into your daily vocabulary. Have fun!
Hala everyone and welcome back to "Arabic Pick". In this week, the Arabic word/phrase is...

lamb la7am

English:  meat
Did you know that...
Najdi or nuami (a type of lamb) is the best type of la7am to share with guests. It is considered the best of the best and can costs around AED 1,000/- to AED 3,000 per head. The Khalijis (Gulf people) make sure they cook this meat whenever they invite honored guests over.
mutton la7am
Jaziri, a type of goat that lives on al jazirah (the islands) of the Arabian Gulf, is also another good meat - it costs cheaper but tastes good.

P.S. I have learned the above word/phrase informally. Arabic speakers, please feel free to correct me. Thanks!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Are you a meow-person?

Uh, I'm actually more of a woof-person but cat-a-holic or not I am sure you will find this oh-so-cute. 

P.S. The video isn't mine.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

iPhone Spelling Correction

It's fun whenever the bug is chatting to me via iPhone. Everytime he is trying to say a word, it says something else. It makes me giggle endlessy just like that.

Exhibit Arice or rude instead of ride
him:  There is an Asian girl at the bus station eating lol. Shall I offer her a rice?
him:  Rude
him:  Ride
him:  Lol, rice lol
me:  lol
him:  That's racism not riceism
me:  hahahaha

Exhibit B: glands instead of halves; amble instead of and
him:  I feel like been cut into two glands
him:  Lol halves! What glands? Lol
him:  Amble
him:  And
me:  hahahahaha
me:  switch your dictionary off! 
him:  No! It helps but sometimes it's a racist.
me:  helps for giving rice? lol
him:  lol

Exhibit Cjoking instead of showing
him:  I like this dog display pic. Is it joking?
him:  Grr is it showing?
me:  lol, yeah, it's joking. haha

Exhibit D:  iredell instead of tired
him:  I'm too iredell
me:  too what?
him:  Tired. Iredell is that a word?

Nevertheless, I still want to have a red iPhone4. 
Eherm, eherm, paging the bug, *cough**cough*. Haha.

© Bitten by an Arab bug ®

Better Late Than Never

Eid al-Adha Mubarak for all Muslims! 
Wish you the best in this day. EID MUBARAK FOR ALL MUSLIMS ^^ T3AIDO U T3AWDO INSHAALLAH :)
Wish you the best in this day 
or should I say 
Hope it was the best ^^

P.S. Image isn't mine.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Converting for the Money

OHN! What a B!

I've noticed that some of the ladies today are just converting because they thought it's the easiest and fastest way to get rich, i.e. marry a handsome Arab prince, dream come true eh!?

Actually, converting to get you hooked up with a wealthy Arab? That is SO desperate!

I am not a religious person but I wouldn't force myself to convert to a different religion because I am trying to please someone or eyeing a prince charming from that religion. If ever I would convert, I would do it because I am a believer and I want to follow that faith and not for any other intentions. 

There's no point of converting then refusing to act like one... so don't be a bitch!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Ever wondered WTH is really going on in the glitzy Gulf city?

The world's tallest tower, the indoor ski resort built on the desert, the artificial islands and other innovative gigantic construction projects.. extravagance beyond imagination. Dubai is a mind-boggling metropolis where the strangest dreams turn into reality but not in everyone's eyes...

I'm going to make controversial statements here so brace yourself. Here it goes..

Most of my life in Dubai (5 years and counting), I have lived in the area where prostitution is so open. It "seems" to be allowed like the authorities are supporting it. Would you  believe that I was living in a hospital building situated in the heart of Dubai but it almost feels as though I was living inside a brothel compound? 

It bothers me to see Asian, Russian, black girls, etc. hanging out down my building or in some 4-5 star hotel bars nearby and lining the streets at night or exactly after sunset. Walking alone or with somebody or going out at night is not a pleasant experience as you have men approaching you or yelling stuff* at you from their cars as they drive by.

From what I know, prostitution is illegal in the UAE and, as the world knows, the Government prosecutes unmarried couple who are caught committing "indecent act" in public or engaging in sex (paid or voluntary).

Don't get me wrong, I am not exaggerating here just giving an honest picture of Dubai.

Mo kul mudardam bitinjan.**

P.S. Images aren't mine. Please click it to know its sources. Thanks.

* Stuff such as "Ni hao." ("Hello" in Mandarin/Chinese) and "Bi kam?" ("How much?" in Arabic)
** Arabic proverb meaning "Not all that glitters is gold."

sah-ooh-dees .. ahh-ooh-dees

I cannot get "sah-ooh-dees .. ahh-ooh-dees ... sah-ooh-dees .. ahh-ooh-dees ..." (LOL) out of my head. I've seen it first on Radeyah's blog last month and I’ve had stuck in my head since then. The song is so catchy and funny.. the clip is fun to watch.. LOL

Saudis in Audis...

Hey there hotty, hey there cutie
want a ride in my Audi?
I drive fast, in high speed moody
passing like I am Doug Flutie

It has everything you need
imitation leather seat
heater so it don't get colder
even has a mustache holder

Headlight so I see at night
cup holder for my sprite
it is flex fuel, don't you know
runs on gas and on cologne

you think that my judgment's cloudy
you say that it's pronounced "Audi"
hit mute button, quit your fussin
it's car, it's not belly button

Saudis in Audis...

I have mustache, I have shades
I have shiny new A8
My Audi is so sick
even is my profile pic

Crank the AC cuz it's hot
driving crazy through Riyadh
GPS so we go places
to AX and the oasis

Drive to Emirates tonight
shopping for some stuff Dubai
drive Audi out in Amman
even we go to Cinnabon

Up to Jeddah, down to Mecca
bet I never drive a Jetta
gas on empty, don't use a frown
Saudis just put hose in the ground

Saudis in Audis...

They call me oil, I'll tell you why
it's because I'm crude and unrefined
Like cooking burgers for a meal
you need four circles on the grill

Seated heats yes I'm all on ya
see this piece staight from Allmagne
gonna go and take us a real long drive
longer than it takes us to do the whites

So how can you tell if Audi
is driven by a Saudi?
here's a couple things you'll notice
if you think the car belongs

blue eye hanging, never tangle
license plate long and rectangle
Need more proof? Just pop the hood
Saudis use 10 W KHHH

Saudis in Audis...
Saudis in Audis..


Friday, November 12, 2010

Arabic Pick #025

Sharing some of the Arabic words and phrases I've learned over the years. If you are an Arabic language enthusiast just like me, try to incorporate the words or phrases posted here into your daily vocabulary. Have fun!
Hala everyone and welcome back to "Arabic Pick". In this week, the Arabic word/phrase is...
English:  a small cup without a handle made especially for Arabic gahwa (coffee)

Jino:  Why do you prefer to sip your coffee from that tiny cup?
Mimi:  A gahwa is not Arabic coffee without finjal ... what else would you drink it from!

P.S. I have learned the above word/phrase informally. Arabic speakers, please feel free to correct me. Thanks!

Image credits:  MBK* ~Al-Sulaiti and helen g.her (respectively) from Flickr

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Because I Feel So Loved

../(,")\♥ ♥(".)
.../♥\. = ./█\.
.._| |_ .._| |_ ★

Sometimes you have to be apart from people you love...  if you distance yourself from them you will know if they really care about you because they will notice that you've been missing and will be bothered.

......... /█\ ♥/█\

Friday, November 5, 2010

World's Most Popular Beach

I went to something different last weekend (Thu-Sat/28-30 Oct) and it was the best weekend get away ever.  Yes! I've been to "Finest Beach of all Asia" and the "Number One Tropical Beach in the World" -- the White Sand Beach (or Long Beach) in Boracay Island.

E'erbody... here's the world's famous beach in jpeg, you judge for yourself ;-)

Stayed in this lovely beachfront place - Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel - expensive but well worth :)

© Bitten by An Arab bug®

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Because I'm Bored

My 3G connection is giving me BS... I still can't upload the "promised" beach photos. I can read other blogs but I cannot post a comment. I typed an entry earlier and it didn't publish nor save. Crap!  {{{(>﹏<)}}}

Meanwhile, let me tell you something you don't know, LOL. I've been spamming my sister's inbox since Ramadan because I've been following her up about my UAE visa.

This is what transpired today with our (sister's and my) inboxes..
Cartoon Clipart 
Me to Her » Can you update me with the visa please?
Her to Me » Patience my dear.. sabor karo*
Me » Christmas is fast approaching.. yalla yalla**
Her » Don't worry, though, I'm pretty sure you gonna spend Christmas here. LOL
Me »  I'm getting impatient, so many Eids have passed already and yet I'm still here.
Her » Eid Mubarak!***
Me » Eid Mubarak kaman****

Oh-wow! The joy of knowing different languages…………..x♥x

* Hindi words/phrase meaning "Do wait." (Note: My sister is married to an Indian Muslim)
** Arabic words/phrase meaning "Hurry up, hurry up!"
*** Happy Eid (Arabic)
**** Happy Eid too (Arabic)

P.S.  Image credit goes to Clipart Today

Monday, November 1, 2010

witSCh story

Hello my dear followers/readers, I was out last weekend but managed to "schedule" an entry last Friday and yesterday. I've been to the world's popular beach and I will post the pics once I got my connection back as right now I'm using a crappy 3G connection. So anyway, here's my "Halloween entry" for you :p
him (feeling sooo proud):  guess what...  saudis provided key intelligence in identifying suspicious packages blahblahblahblahblah
her:  yeah, i read it on your wall.
him (trying to sound disappointed):  you read all my posts?
her (talking in sarcasms):  yeah, everything, i'm stalking you.
him (teasing her):  not cool
her (teasing him back):  well, tell that to the witSCh*... tell her that it's not cool to read and comment on everything you post!!!
him:  looooool
her:  btw, i've noticed that the witSCh slowed down on your wall
him:  maybe she found another wall, LOL
her:  lol
him:  speak of ..... she's been activated, she's on my FB now!
her:  lol
him:  be careful what you wish for
her:  lol

she checked his FB wall... saw he posted a cup of coffee image and witSCh commented "need a strong coffee here"

her:  are you a waiter? is your FB a coffee shop now?
him:  why?
her:  witSCh writes on your wall "need strong coffee" all the time
him:  lol.. yeah, you want a coffee?
her:  yeah, how i'm gonna order online? just leave a message on your wall, i need a  cup of coffee? lol
him:  looooooooooooool

after few minutes, he deleted the cup of coffee image along with the witSCh comment...
but it didn't stop the witSCh to comment on his new post (a video clip) saying "blah.. blah.. blah.. blah.. blah... nagging with love!"

That's Big Ewwwwwwwww, with a capital E, or a capital B-E!!!

Here's the thing, if you check witSCh's facebook, you will see this everyday as in everday without fail, no exaggeration added ..
witSCh commented on his** video.
witSCh commented on his status..
witSCh wrote on his Wall.
witSCh commented on his link.
witSCh commented on his status.
witSCh wrote on his Wall.
witSCh commented on his status.
witSCh commented on his photo.
witSCh commented on his status.
witSCh wrote on his Wall.

Somebody please feel free to let the witSCh know that it's time for her to take a hike and get a life. Halloween is over and she's no longer needed.

* a woman in her mid-40s who never stops flirting and attention-whoring on a guy's Wall
** a guy 15 years younger than the above-mentioned woman

P.S. Image Credit goes to Kaboose