Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i love you, i hate you

from my old mobile phone's inbox - text messages received from my arab :-)

2008 - missing date/time
Good morning, At the airport now... Gonna miss you :* Departure 12:20

2008 - missing date/time
Love you too... Take care :)

12:15 pm
Miss you too, i'm in ░░░░░ still, just checked my sim and its working here. Amazing i've never thought it gonna work as i've tried it before! Weird, start missing mom, little sister and everybody there. Spent maximum possible time with them. Sorry couldn't get online much. Take care, always!

12:22 pm
At the airport right now, waiting for my flight to ░░░░░. Feel like crap.

9:32 pm
Hello, i'm home online, what are you doing?

1:48 am
It's snowing!!!

4:33 am
BUSTED i didn't ask! Hell i'm not home yet!!!

5:54 am
Might sleep over in the hospital, no more buses..

5:57 am
No i didn't not gonna explain here, but once i'm home. Yeah i'm mad!

11:46 pm
serve it.

12:12 am
Hello babe, kinda miss you now

2:16 am
No, i'm planning to buy a car soon!

2:32 am
And that was a hypothetical answer too :p i'm hungry and nervous of drinking too much coffee, yeah, don't waste money on sms!

6:32 am
Hope you're better by now, on my way to the station to check when it gonna be next train to ░░░░, kinda tired. Was asskissers conference&waste of time. Miss you.

7:22 am
Glad to hear that you're doing better, i got the next train which will be leaving ░░░░ 20:30 i'll try to get online before going to sleep. Miss you, badly!

8:29 pm
A friend that i met online few weeks ago.

2009 - missing date/time
Love you, and not gonna replace you. Just stop acting silly!

12:06 am
Booked appointment with a dentist, next available is wednesday, pain is getting more intolerable.

8:22 pm
Very good morning, to my ░░░░░░ miss you babe

11:40 pm
I might be late, so just in case if i don't make it home by 11pm, you're allowed to sleep.

5:10 am
Babe dont think i'm gonna spend the night here, its very small city, eating burger now, couldn't help it :)

7:49 am
Might be home in one hour, would you be awake?

5:22 am
Still in ░░░░░, will be home in hmmm not sure but might take 3 hours, you better sleep... Miss you!

9:31 pm
On my way un ░░░░

2:54 am
One hour left :p

1:45 am
Hey didn't get anything from you, take care.

8:55 am
Back home yet? Miss you

11:05 pm
Miss you !!!!!!!!

10:46 pm
Not gonna sign in?!

6:17 pm
And I miss you!

6:50 pm
Miss call once if you did great in exam.

4:48 pm
Miss you babe...

12:30 am
Yah ok, but h You aint replying!

12:50 am
miss you.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

the secret

i often joke with my arab that i am his "kept" woman.

please do not get me wrong, i am NOT his other woman as he is NEITHER married NOR has other girlfriend. i am his "kept" woman because he is keeping me under wraps. you read it right, his family doesn't know about my existence.

we are in "hiding" but he is allowing me to tell anyone including his friends (if they would ever ask), except his cousin, that i am his girlfriend. 

to make the long story short.. we are in an, so to speak, interracial relationship. so as dictated by their cultural tradition and him being from the land of the two holiest places, he ought not to date nor have a girlfriend. as a matter of fact, in his motherland, people of the opposite sex who are not family are not allowed to socialize with each other.

i cannot blame him...✿

Saturday, February 13, 2010

happy valentine's day!

Naif-ko, The happiest times I've ever known begin and end with loving you. Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Your Neneng✿

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

about love

it seems that valentine's day is in full swing across the globe...

and because i do believe that a handwritten note is so much more meaningful than an email, a tweet, or a message on a facebook wall and it is more personal than sms or a telephone call and even more intimate and touching than a private conversation...

i have sent a valentine card to my arab 2 weeks ago the old-fashioned way - SNAIL MAIL. yesterday he received it (yes, we are around 6,804 miles away from each other now but talking 24/7) and was happy to get the greeting card i had sent him.
so everyone, be sure to express your and celebrate valentine's day every single day of the year! ✿