Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Where I've Been and What I've Been Doing

Aside from getting screwed (read the story here).. I was in Sharjah for two nights (23-24 Dec). My wonderful friends invited me to spend the Christmas eve with them and they were generous enough to adopt and feed me (ahhh.. the Christmas spirit).. As you know, my sister is a revert and I'm stuck in the middle between Catholicism and Islamism.  *I went back to Dubai on the 25th (and that was fucking Christmas!), where the shitty thing happened.*

So anyways..

I took a pic of the view from my friends' balcony for you to have a peek on the "other side" of Sharjah *attention: bosnishmuslima*.
From the left side of the balcony: Overlooking the picturesque Sharjah
From the center of the balcony: Overlooking the picturesque Sharjah
From the right of the balcony: Overlooking the picturesque Sharjah

Then, Sunday (26th) I had my 2nd/3rd chance to ride in a driverless train, Dubai Metro. It's the fastest and cheapest way to go one side to another side of Dubai and really very modern (Paris Metro is no match *blehh*). Check the photo below, it's the 'Jumeirah Lake Towers' station. Please be informed that what you are seeing is the platform screen doors NOT the train (see the electronic noticed board, it says 'next train 2 mins'). Those screen doors are for everyone's safety, it will prevent people from accidents such as falling onto the train tracks (brilliant, right?!)
Dubai Metro station: Jumeirah Lake Towers

P.S. It's 3am need to sleep, I'm going to the Police Station in few hours to get a police report of my stupidity lost passport.. so in case, I didn't get it back, my consulate here will issue me a new passport. Wish me luck.. good night!