Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just Another Randomness

Note to readers:  Please do not take seriously whatever stuff I'm going to write here because it all happened out of goofiness.  

Everytime I write Arabic phrases on my Facebook status, my friend(s) will message me this: "you studied French and you learned Arabic?" or something to that effect.. well, I seldom write something Frenchie because only few people will understand me unlike Arabic at least 1/3 of my friends can relate.

So anyway moving to another randomness.. my bug and I were watching some TV show, there was a scene where some guy was doing some stuff which happened to be a bomb.. he said something like "oh, that's how a bomb is created!?" and I replied him with "you don't know?!" Then we both laughed.. LOL (hope you get the joke)

Then recently, we are hooked on a new show called Terriers. It's doing quite well until episode 11, we both are disappointed. So he said it sucks while me wants to butcher the writers because it seems that they needed to meet a deadline but ran out of idea so they came up with a crappy script. He told me that I'm becoming more Arab than him. I told him that I said I'm going to butcher not bomb them. Haha. He said that Arabs butchered many to solve any conflict (seriously). I asked him if he is going to butcher me because I always create a conflict. And he thought it's not a bad idea. LOL. Yeah, yeah, we're sick people! :p