Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm Officially Stupid

"Of all that things I've lost, I miss my mind the most."

Lost my passport few hours ago, at Christmastime (really?!). Left it in a taxi, bag fell off and I didn't even check if my passport was there, it totally slipped off my mind. I meant yes I did check twice the taxi floor if something was there but passport didn't really occur to my mind. When the taxi dropped me off, I even stared and memorized the 5-digit of the taxi's plate number at the back. But as soon as I reached sister's home,  and found out my passport is missing ... I can't remember the 5-digit number.. I don't even know which taxi I took, or even the roof color.. I only know it's beige and it's definitely not  Camry coz it's not that spacious. I am completely mental blocked. SUCKS! 

I really blame myself for this, I'm too careless, stupid, etc I really really really hate my selective memory. Why I CAN memorize unnecessary stuff in one single reading but important ones I can't. WHY?

P.S. Called/filed the lost passport report to Dubai Taxi/RTA already. Hopefully someone found it and will call me tomorrow to inform me that they got it or else day after tomorow I'm going to report it to the police  *fingers crossed* Oh and I have my first job interview tomorrow *another fingers crossed*