Friday, December 10, 2010

Arabic Pick #029

Sharing some of the Arabic words and phrases I've learned over the years. If you are an Arabic language enthusiast just like me, try to incorporate the words or phrases posted here into your daily vocabulary. Have fun!
Hala everyone and welcome back to "Arabic Pick". In this week, the Arabic word/phrase is...

Culture in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & the UAE
English:  wind tower
Did you know that...
Barjeel is traditional "aircon" in the past and it doesn't need electricity. It is constructed as tower a few meters higher than the roofline, just like a chimney, but are open on all sides so it can catch  air and funnel it down into homes and buildings. The breeze that flows down can cool a place by as much as 10C, according to experts.

P.S. I have learned the above word/phrase informally. Arabic speakers, please feel free to correct me. Thanks!

Image Credit: Grapeshisha