Monday, December 20, 2010

After 20 Months of Absence

Dubai (or Deira?) hasn't change except for the new and the world's longest automated Metro, the Dubai Metro

Well, I am staying at my sis' (and her hubby) place, temporarily, at Rashidiya. I haven't really been around yet. I just went out last Friday with sister, took the fully automated driverless Metro for the first time, had my (our) favorite shabu-shabu or huoguo (hotpot) at Deira Twin Towers, bought external keyboard for my laptop (I really need a new one), did some grocery shopping - milk and MORE chocolates so me will gain weight, lol.

I still am lazy to go out as I'm a little feverish (sore throat to tonsillitis and sneezing to runny nose) due to the climate (my body is still adjusting to the 'new' weather). 

Right now, I am busy sending my CV out everywhere over email. I badly needed a job (secretarial and administration department) so I can move out and have my own place to live in. 

Internet is more sketchy here.. can't post nor read other blog entries much ... {>.<}