Monday, November 1, 2010

witSCh story

Hello my dear followers/readers, I was out last weekend but managed to "schedule" an entry last Friday and yesterday. I've been to the world's popular beach and I will post the pics once I got my connection back as right now I'm using a crappy 3G connection. So anyway, here's my "Halloween entry" for you :p
him (feeling sooo proud):  guess what...  saudis provided key intelligence in identifying suspicious packages blahblahblahblahblah
her:  yeah, i read it on your wall.
him (trying to sound disappointed):  you read all my posts?
her (talking in sarcasms):  yeah, everything, i'm stalking you.
him (teasing her):  not cool
her (teasing him back):  well, tell that to the witSCh*... tell her that it's not cool to read and comment on everything you post!!!
him:  looooool
her:  btw, i've noticed that the witSCh slowed down on your wall
him:  maybe she found another wall, LOL
her:  lol
him:  speak of ..... she's been activated, she's on my FB now!
her:  lol
him:  be careful what you wish for
her:  lol

she checked his FB wall... saw he posted a cup of coffee image and witSCh commented "need a strong coffee here"

her:  are you a waiter? is your FB a coffee shop now?
him:  why?
her:  witSCh writes on your wall "need strong coffee" all the time
him:  lol.. yeah, you want a coffee?
her:  yeah, how i'm gonna order online? just leave a message on your wall, i need a  cup of coffee? lol
him:  looooooooooooool

after few minutes, he deleted the cup of coffee image along with the witSCh comment...
but it didn't stop the witSCh to comment on his new post (a video clip) saying "blah.. blah.. blah.. blah.. blah... nagging with love!"

That's Big Ewwwwwwwww, with a capital E, or a capital B-E!!!

Here's the thing, if you check witSCh's facebook, you will see this everyday as in everday without fail, no exaggeration added ..
witSCh commented on his** video.
witSCh commented on his status..
witSCh wrote on his Wall.
witSCh commented on his link.
witSCh commented on his status.
witSCh wrote on his Wall.
witSCh commented on his status.
witSCh commented on his photo.
witSCh commented on his status.
witSCh wrote on his Wall.

Somebody please feel free to let the witSCh know that it's time for her to take a hike and get a life. Halloween is over and she's no longer needed.

* a woman in her mid-40s who never stops flirting and attention-whoring on a guy's Wall
** a guy 15 years younger than the above-mentioned woman

P.S. Image Credit goes to Kaboose