Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Overpowering Arabic Scent

They say that on visiting the UAE, you will notice the predominance of scent overpowering you whether from burners or actually perfume itself ... And that's Oh-So-True!
(L-R) Versace (EDT), Areeq (EDP) and Heritage (EDB)
Roughly 2 years ago, a super-nice Emirati client (can't recall his name but I believe he's the owner/distributor of Ajmal Perfume) gave me a paper bag full of perfume -- there were  12 (or more, didn't count) different bottles. I shared it with my colleagues et al. and just picked 3 gorgeously looking bottles (see the pic) without checking its scent and  immediately sent back home. I was after the bottles for displaying/souvenir purposes. Our center table is currently ornamented with these bottles along with other Arabic thingy.

Few hours ago, I sprayed them on my wrists and smelled it for the first time. Thanks to the addiction of Bosnish Muslima, she inspired me to smell them, hehe.

The Versace Man (Purple) is good but too strong and the Heritage (Paris) in  a beautiful rectangular bottle reminds me of Dior's Poison.

The one I liked most is the Areeq not only because of its elegantly and attractively Arabic-looking bottle but also its light fragrance.. it smells very feminine. I googled it and find the following details: 

Areeq, which implies something that is deep rooted or traditional, is a unisex light oriental that is designed as a blend of the present and the past. The perfume has an effusive fresh floral top, wrapped in woody notes that give it a distinct character. It gradually builds into a spicy heart with a touch of fruity elements giving it an endearing sweetness. The base is subdued, and has woody notes supported by musk and amber. The perfume is presented in an attractive and extravagant bottle with rich details and intricate metal work, giving it an added novelty. The outer paper box has a beaten copper and wood finish that extends the heritage theme of the product. The brand represents the epitome of the Arabic heritage.
The said Eau de Parfum is manufactured by Ajmal, the same company that manufactures Alf Lail O Lail (1001 Nights) perfume.

Anyway, if you want to find stuff about Arabic perfumes, check-out Scents of Arabia,  the blog that tells all the sweet scents of the Arab world...  *winks*

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