Wednesday, November 17, 2010

iPhone Spelling Correction

It's fun whenever the bug is chatting to me via iPhone. Everytime he is trying to say a word, it says something else. It makes me giggle endlessy just like that.

Exhibit Arice or rude instead of ride
him:  There is an Asian girl at the bus station eating lol. Shall I offer her a rice?
him:  Rude
him:  Ride
him:  Lol, rice lol
me:  lol
him:  That's racism not riceism
me:  hahahaha

Exhibit B: glands instead of halves; amble instead of and
him:  I feel like been cut into two glands
him:  Lol halves! What glands? Lol
him:  Amble
him:  And
me:  hahahahaha
me:  switch your dictionary off! 
him:  No! It helps but sometimes it's a racist.
me:  helps for giving rice? lol
him:  lol

Exhibit Cjoking instead of showing
him:  I like this dog display pic. Is it joking?
him:  Grr is it showing?
me:  lol, yeah, it's joking. haha

Exhibit D:  iredell instead of tired
him:  I'm too iredell
me:  too what?
him:  Tired. Iredell is that a word?

Nevertheless, I still want to have a red iPhone4. 
Eherm, eherm, paging the bug, *cough**cough*. Haha.

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