Sunday, November 21, 2010

CNN and Me

Last November 4, CNN International had contacted me again for the 2nd time. They emailed me in the past about a segment called Global Connections but I have not been on air because of the nature of connection constraints, etc. So here's a part of their 2nd email:

"I’m leading a new and very exciting segment on CNN International that we’re called “Connecting Voices” and this is a segment that revolves around viewers all over the globe just like you. Essentially what it is, is that we will have a database of viewers and readers of CNN that we will always go to when we have a particular story or news event. For example, on the mid-term elections that just passed in the U.S., we would want to get viewpoints from every day citizens in countries around the world. If we wanted to do a ‘Connecting Voices’ segment, then we would get in touch with you and have a quick little 30 second Skype bite with you with your opinions and feelings on the issue.

The reason I am writing is because I want to see if you are happy with me contacting you in the future regarding this exciting segment and having you on CNN as one of our ‘voices’ on a particular story.

If you could just respond to this e-mail by telling me the following things and if you are happy with being part of “Connecting Voices.” ..."

So my question is, are you looking forward to have me on CNN International television soon?