Friday, November 19, 2010

Arabic Pick #026

Sharing some of the Arabic words and phrases I've learned over the years. If you are an Arabic language enthusiast just like me, try to incorporate the words or phrases posted here into your daily vocabulary. Have fun!
Hala everyone and welcome back to "Arabic Pick". In this week, the Arabic word/phrase is...

lamb la7am

English:  meat
Did you know that...
Najdi or nuami (a type of lamb) is the best type of la7am to share with guests. It is considered the best of the best and can costs around AED 1,000/- to AED 3,000 per head. The Khalijis (Gulf people) make sure they cook this meat whenever they invite honored guests over.
mutton la7am
Jaziri, a type of goat that lives on al jazirah (the islands) of the Arabian Gulf, is also another good meat - it costs cheaper but tastes good.

P.S. I have learned the above word/phrase informally. Arabic speakers, please feel free to correct me. Thanks!