Monday, October 25, 2010

Why your Saudi* won't marry you

Just because your Saudi bf is too possessive, jealous and controlling doesn't mean he wants to marry you. Sometimes, this kind of behavior comes naturally to them. Evil... LOL! 

Here's what I've learned from someone else's experience. 

Sometimes, no matter how rebellious your Saudi is...
And no matter how anxious he is to break away from the norms of his culture, he is still scared to decide and go against the odds. He will still think and consider to follow his father, uncles and grandfathers' way of doing things or whatever steps they have taken, because in his mind something must have gone right because his ancestors' marriages are "successful" and they are still living with their "Stepford wives". And since every men in his family done it, he has to do it too. So that no one can blame him that he failed because he disobeyed his ancestors and followed a different direction.

Sometimes, no matter how much your Saudi is in love with you.....
And so so so into you, if you are a divorcee, he won't marry you. No matter how open-minded he claims he is, he will still give it a deep thought and ask himself why would he end up with someone who has been previously married when he, himself, hasn't ever been married and that even divorced guys want girls who haven't been married. You see, if your Saudi bf wants to become "well-known" later on, he needs someone who isn't "flawed". He will take someone who is not a "disgrace" and will not ruin his name because he wants people to see him as "someone respectable" and doesn't want them to gossip about him. 

Sometimes, no matter how liberated your Saudi is...
And no matter how much he desires you, if you are too comfy with him and seems available, instead of  "appreciating" your moves, he loses his respect for you. He will start backing off from you and run away, fast and far as soon as you shows no reservation. In a way that you are no longer a challenge to him because you are too easy to get.

Sometimes, no matter how domineering your Saudi is... 
And no matter how you really liked and encouraged this behavior of his, if  he keeps on giving you odd hints about your relationship like his family keeps on arranging him for a good Saudi bride and blah-blah-blah or if he keeps on saying that "You're too good, I don't deserve you and if you find some guy who wants to marry you, go for him." They aren't scheming neither playing with your nerves nor testing your love, he is hoping you will end the relation yourself. (I told you they are evil! :p)

Girls, don't make fools of yourselves. Don't try to work things out if you are pretty sure from the beginning that your relationship is a total disaster. Because if you do, it will only break your heart in the end. As for those of you who said your Saudi is a sort of like that but won't do that and he's totally different... I'll leave him to you.

P.S. I just want to make clear that the above behavior doesn't represent the entire male population in the Arab world and that this entry does not intend to offend or diss Saudi/Arab men.

* Also applicable to other Gulf/Arab guys in the whole universe :)