Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nikita and the Old Woman

him:  No bullshitting today or I will kill you and I don't like Nikita
her:  LOL
him:  I'm watching it for you and because she looks Asian, I like Asian girls
her:  Okay then we're not going to watch it anymore
him:  Too late. Episode 6 !
her:  I don't like it that much. I told you before but you said, let's wait. Usually new TV shows kick in after first season
him:  Nah you said you like it and I have to watch it with you
her:  Liar ! ! !
him:  I said no BS-ing

Cute pair but after watching and blabbing for more than 2 hours they fought because the girl got annoyed with a 45-year-old woman who, apparently, has been trying her luck for more than a year to "glamor" him... Ugh! That old woman still has high hopes and won't give up on him just like that.