Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Next Time I Fall In Love...

Guys, let's complete the statement:   

"The next time I fall in love  _________________________." 

Just put your answer as your comment and let's see.

To give you an idea, here's the top examples to complete the statement:
"... it will be with someone who’s had his heart broken, so he’ll be careful not to break mine."
"…I wont give him my ATM, my credit card PIN and my bank authorization."  
"…it won’t be with my friend’s boyfriend." 
"…it won’t be with a fictitious character."  
"…it will be someone who will love me as his wife, and not just as the mother of his children."
"…it won’t be with a guy who has a girl for a best friend, because girl best friends don’t know when to step back."  
"…it won’t be with someone who reminds me each day that I’ll burn in hell for eternity because I’m -insert your religion here-."  
"…it won’t be with a student because I almost lost my job the last time." 
"…I’ll make sure he loves me more than I love him."
"…it won’t be with a woman." 
"…it won’t be with a bratty, trying hard, social climbing, narcissistic, paranoid, psychotic assumptionist."  
"…it won’t be with a perv who thinks sex is the requirement with which to prove my love for him." 
"…it won’t be with a 23-yr-old who acts like a 9-yr-old boy who exhibits symptoms of being gay." 
"…my wife will beat me again!" 
"…it will be with someone who CANNOT be happy without me." 
"…it will be with someone in my neighborhood so we'll see each other often and I don't have to travel." 
"…I will make sure her mother isn’t a psychopath."
"…I will exert more, but not expect more."
"…I will no longer make promises, PROMISE!"
"…not with a man with make up kit."
"…I’m going to make sure it’s my last."
"…I will be brave enough to admit it."
"…it won't be an Arab who is not allowed to marry non-Arab, or else his family will disown him"
"…it won’t be with a guy who has 'short' comings."
"…we won’t buy a puppy and call it our 'baby'."
"…it won’t be with a girl who has a social disease."
"…it won’t be with someone who has too much baggage." 
"…it would not be with someone who’s heart already belongs to someone else."
"…it will be with a guy who’s really single, and not just feeling single."
"…it won’t be with a writer who sensationalizes his feelings for me, the way he does with some of his written works."
"…it would have to be in another lifetime."
"…I’ll make sure the girl’s dad is not from the police or the military."
"…I’ll try to be a little less bossy, and a little more submissive."
"it won't be with someone I've never met."
"…I’ll close my legs more, and open my eyes more."